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A poem about the reoccurring hurt of relationships and giving up on finding true love.
Giving Up

For the life of me I can’t explain
why I continue to go through the same pain.
I call myself avoiding this path
that always brings me to the same place,
But yet here I am again,
looking at the same hurt
and feeling the same pain.
I can’t see for the tears in my eyes.
So hot is my anger,
that I feel like I’m burning up inside.
I feel like the cosmos are against me.
Like I’ve committed some horrible wrong,
some thing for which I will never be forgiven,
or get away from.
Every where I turn I feel like I am being blocked
from that one special thing,
that one special moment,
that one special love.
The one that will help me forget all my pain.
But now I have given up.
I have thrown my hands up in surrender.
I am tired of looking for what is never meant to be.
I will walk through my path of life alone …..forever
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