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by Geneva
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some fond memories of me and my father watching the sunset together.
Some of my fondest memories of my childhood is of going on little excursions with my father, in my eyes, my father was the most amazing man in the world, and I always felt so honored when he wanted to take me out and just spend time with me. We had many excursions over the years, but the ones I remember fondest is when he would take me to the beach to watch the sunset, we would either go to get a double dip of pistachio ice cream on a sugar cone, at our favorite little ice cream shop, or stop by the old candy store and purchase some home made salt water taffy, before retiring to the beach.
My father claimed the little secluded part of the beach, that we always visited, had the most beautiful sunsets in the world, and I believed him, for my father had been a sailor and had seen sunset all around the world. I felt so lucky to be able to be able to experience this, especially with him. I will never forget how alive and happy my father always looked sitting on the beach watching the waves and idle boats in the distance, it was like years of worry just washed away and floated of into the sunset. His eyes would glisten with peace and happiness as we sat together watching in amazement at the beautiful colors the sky betrayed as the sun made its way to the other side of the world.
Over the years I have spent a lot of time looking back on these memories and many others of my father with great fondness, and with a pain of regret. My father spent the years of my childhood and adulthood giving me so much, by always being there as my provider, my teacher and my best friend, and in turn, I haven't always been the most considerate daughter. In my younger years I never realized how much my father had given to me in love and time, till I had my own children and seen first hand how hard it can be to always be loving, patient, and understanding.
Now, has came the time that my father is 75 years old, and not in good enough health to travel to watch the beautiful sunsets. I will never be able to pay him back for all that he has gave me or be able to make up for some of the things I have done, but I hope he knows from times I have told him, and tried to show him, that he will always be the most amazing man in the world to me, that not only taught me to love, but to love unconditionally, and that I will always remember our sunsets. LOVE YOU DADDY!!
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