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Buffy future fanfic Buffy & spike are married with kids light wg story
Spike woke up & looked over at his sleeping wife.
Buffy had changed everything for him.
No longer was he a vampire insted he was a super human.
He now has wonderful kids there was Sarah she is six she had his eyes.
But everthing else about her was pure Buffy right town to her cute nose.
Then came four year old James who was a green eye mini spike he even had a little pleather duster.
After James came two year old Alex who was named after his uncle Xander.
Xander helped Buffy while she gave birth to alex. Spike was busy fighting off a demon who attacted them on the way to the hospital.
As thanks spike agreed to name the baby after Xander alex looked a lot like like dawn.
Then there was baby Jenna she was four months old.
Jenna looked like a mix of spike & Buffy she had spikes eyes & buffy's nose.
It is hard to tell who she woul look more like when she got older.
But the kids & himself wornt the only changes that happend over the years.
Buffy had changed she was more loving but that wasn't the olny thing that had changed.
Now Buffy wasn't fat by any meaning of the word but she had some curves now.
Buffy's body had changed to after each pregnancy some of the extra weight made it's home on buffy's body.
Buffy's face grown full like it was when she was sixteen.
Her breast were fuller partly do to the milk that filled them.
Where hard abs had laid a soft belly had grown.
Buffy had wider hips & a bigger more jigglie butt.
Spike loved his wife's body but she hated it.
Spike leaned into Buffy wraping his arms around her.
He started to kiss her neck & rubbed her belly it stuck out from under her shirt a bit .
Buffy started to wake up. Umm spike stop that said Buffy.
Spike: why luv it's so soft Buffy: well I feel fat when you do that.
Spike: so your body has changed over the years your still sexy.
Oh really is this sexy asked Buffy as she pinched at her belly.
Oh it is love said spike as he kissed her belly.
Buffy: your sweet spike spike: yes luv now I've shown you sweet let me show you sour.
Spike pulled Buffy on top of him they started to kiss when baby Jenna started to cry.
Buffy: I'll get the baby you can make breakfast the kids will be up soon.
Spike: ok pet but were not finished here.
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