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Written 3-2-09. My most descriptive poem written after years of writer's block.
Makes Sense- A Poem

Food has suddenly lost its appeal
Bitterness now coats my tongue
Sharing my revelation spoiled my secret

I should have Mirandized myself
Or even pled the 5th
Then only The Almighty would’ve known
Of my growing desire for you

This tree bearing fruits are so tempting
It stirs up a feeling familiar yet new
You shine so bright in the sun
And beam a tint soothing to the eye

I only imagine how you feel in my hands
When I cupped them together
Ready to receive you
My grasp like silk yet firm

Your scent is erotic
A cool zephyr escapes my lips
From the mere pleasure of knowing you exist

My heart races right before the moment
I enjoy your splendor
I close my eyes and dive right into you

Music sounds more beautiful
I know exactly what to listen for
You know exactly which note to play
My emotions groove to your improvisation

Your melody I hear
Every time you pass me by

No matter how much is unknown to others
You know with each glance
The possibility of a great beat

--March 2, 2009 Monday

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