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My life...
My life...
Not laughing yet? Oh, ok.
Maybe not much to laugh about really. Who cares anyway about a 30 years old single guy who looks for the meaning of "kiss" (and other stuff) in Webster's? Yeah, you guessd it. No one.

         Let's see. I live in Kuwait. Yes. You're not byslexic... or, is it dyslexic? Anyway, in case you wonder where that is (and trust me lot of Americans and Canadians asked me this before), you can dig it up in Google maps or Wikimapia. They made those solely to teach you some geography. Yes it is there. You know... Middle East... Arabs.. Terrorists and stuff like that? Yeah, that's where I'm from.

         On the personal plane. Recently I've registered "Bad Day" song as a national anthem. Call me a communist or whatever, but I can't just pass the day without listening to this song. I seriously greet Daniel for feeling me.

         I'm a hobbyist photographer. I thought this is the only way to express my feelings and my appreciation for nature and the world... yes... the world. Seems the world doesn't appreciate me anyway, so I ended up taking pictures of my room and my bathroom instead. Hey, at least I don't get cops interrogating me that way! Last time I was trying to take a picture of a tree on some road a cop was almost about to get me into jail for sensitive issues (no joke here guys, this is real).

         My job is nice and cool. Nice money (that doesn't stay in my pocket so long). I work as a lab technician, so I write such crap you're reading now most of the time along side with some poems. Nice job isn't it? Yeah it is... unless you know what I'm typing now is the only way to escape my reality amidst Mombies (i.e. Moron Zombies).

         Emotionally now. You really want to read this? Ok. As you like. It's a wreck. As I said before, I'm single at 30 of age and I can't see any "double rainbows" in the horizon so far... unless we're talking about anime here.

         I'm not social in my nature really. Still, some people try to push me so hard to be more socializing and I just don't understand why. My boss wants me to go here and there and meet some people... my family as well... I'm socializing on the internet so what's the big deal here? Yeah, they are people via modems aren't they? Give me a break please...

In brief, this is my life.
Thank you. *Smile*
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