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The story of a young cat's fate.
A young she cat sat curled by a warm, blazing fire in the lap of an elderly two-leg. The young cats name was Leopard for her strange spotted pelt. Leopard lived in a small two-leg den with a big garden. She was very stunning with a leopard spotted coat and bright blue eyes. She lived a sheltered life with the old two-leg. One day the two-leg would not get up, no matter how long Leopard yowled the two-leg would not stir. Soon strange people came and too the two-leg away. Leopard was cast out of her home and into the cold. for many moons she wandered the forests and plains until she came across the sent of many cats. She started to run but her paws flew out from under her and she sailed down a steep cliff. She landed in the middle of a clearing full of cats, then she blacked out.

Continued in the second part of Leopard's life story
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