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by Quan
Rated: 13+ · Other · Crime/Gangster · #1743160
A mother's concern about her daughters lifestyle
*Late Saturday evening in Michigan*

Monica: Mama, I'm leaving

Diana: Wait, where you going?

Monica: That's none of your business I will be back when I get back

Diana: Monica, sit down

Monica: I gotta go

Diana: I said sit

*Monica reluctantly its down on the couch and prepares for her mom's speech*

Monica: What is it, Diana?

Diana: First of all don't call me Diana, I am your mother and you will respect as such nothing less. Secondly, where are you going this late in the evening. It's almost 11.

Monica: Well, I'm going to mind my business and leave yours alone.

Diana: Your not going anywhere this late there is nothing out this late but whores and drug dealers. Besides you have school in the morning.

Monica: I'm not going to school in the morning and besides you never cared where I was before why do you care now?

Diana: You are going to school in the morning and I care because I'm your mother and that is what I'm supposed to do. Maybe if a lot morer mothers cared about where their children were so many wouldn't be killed or pregnant.

Monica: You didn't start caring about me until you got out of rehab before then I was able to go where I wanted and come back when I please.

Diana: Everything is different now. I'm not proud of the mistakes I made being strung out on drugs and stealing trying to figure out where my next high came from but I'm grateful that I was able to leave that demon behind and correct my wrongs.

Monica: Well I'm not grateful my life was fine before you got yourself together I could do what I want. I was independent, I had a boyfriend who loved me.

Diana: He loved what he could do to you. You were an open opportunity for him to treat you how he wanted to. He controlled you. I wanted to get you out but my life was consumed around his product so I didn't care but I do now.

Monica: I don't want you to care. You never did before, so don't start now. I can make it on my own.

Diana: Your 17 years old with an 9th grade education how far can you make it. You had a baby at 15 years old and he is in the system. You need to get it together we have to help each other if we are gonna make it I need you just as much asnyou need me.

Monica: I don't need you when I did need you you weren't there what do I need you for now?

Diana: To love you and care for you. I don't want to worry about where you are or who your with when I know that your here with me safe. Look and around you people are killing each other, girls are becoming pregnant younger and younger.bi don't want you to be a part of that anymore. I love you way too much to see you ot there doing what I used to do. Life is not worth it. You are way smarter than that you have a chance. I didn't have a mother or father but you have me.


*Monica sat there for at least 20 minutes speechless without nothing to say.


Monica: I'm still not convinced that I need you I been making it on my own, I get money from whatever guy I agree to be with, I'm doing good for myself.

Diana: did you not just hear anything I said to you. You need me just like I need you. You don't have to sleep with men to get money, you don't have to be that vulnerable. Your my daughter and if it is anything I can do to protect you I will. Your not gonna be in the streets, your gonna finish school and get a good education and we are gonna turn it all around to get my grandson here with us where he belongs. Monica if your not going to do it for me do it for your son. He does not need to be raised by someone who didn't birth him. He needs you.


Diana: Monica, sweetheart, life is to short these days to be so foolish about many situations. It is a lot of single mothers out here raising children by themselves and if they don't have the right control they lose them to the streets. I don't wanna lose you like that. We need to grow together and be a real family and act like mother and daughter instead of two distant strangers. This life isn't over for us yet so we still have time to turn some things around. ---------- Monica you get one mother in this lifetime so you have to deal with me the best way you know how. You have to realize that one day I'm not gonna be here, but I don't wanna leave here knowing that you and I didn't mend our relationship.

*Monica hugs her mother tightly*

Monica: *crying* I always loved you and there is nothing I want more than to have a close relationship with you. All I wanted to know is that you are willing to try with me. With that reassurance I know that I can try with you.

Diana: I will lay my life on the line to have a close relationship with you. Your the only person in this world who I'm concerned about.

Monica: *crying* I love you, ma.

Diana: I love you too, now clean up your face and go lay down and we will start fresh in the morning.


~* Life is full of ups and downs. We may not agree with our parents decisions, and we know that they are not always right, but we have to do the best we can with them. All broken parent and child relationships should be fixed, so there are no regrets about what should have happened that didn't happen when this life is over. Love your parents even if they drive you crazy*~

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