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by lisa k
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Being an angel in the afterlife.
Sometimes you wonder when a person leaves this world to go on, and they pass away, is there really a world afterward?  Now all of us celebrate some type of religion or spiritual sense or religious belief system.  All of us believe in whatever our religion dictates and what it believes.  Some of us believe in an afterlife called heaven.  But in this instance, since heaven is not really a concrete entitity that we can see, what is it really??  We have not seen pictures or emails of it and no one who has experienced it can share it with us.
So do we get an angel body and float around in the clouds?  Or is our spirit just free sweeping to go and do as it pleases.  Do we get bodies like in the movies?
This is something that interests me, since both of my parents have passed away and I was an orphan by 30 years old.  At times, I feel them and think of them but do not see them interacting with me.  At times I get a thought or feeling in my head, do not know where it came from and know that is was them that put that idea in my head.
Sometimes I get an idea and when it materializes I can see where it came from. 
Overall, I think that being an angel may be nice.  No need to get up early and no need to go to bed late or at any time.  No need to pay a mortgage or get a job or put the garbage out.  No need to worry about weight or health or intelligence.  I think I would like being an angel, I like the clouds and I would like to float in the clouds.  I would like to sit on a leaf as it begins its desent down to the floor of the forest. 
I would like to sit on the ;shoulders of my grandchildren as they ski down a black diamond trail.  I would like to sit in the fur of a puppy as he lays in the sun. 
So, that is my thought for the day. Enjoy, be happy, be an angel.
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