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by Anne
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Chapter four is where my dream itself ended but the rest is just what I continued with.
The next week passed quietly. I spent what little time I could with Luke and Clover. Neither of them knew about what I had saw.
When I was training, I kept my mouth shut and left as soon as we were done. The first couple of days, he tried to get me to talk but after a while he gave up. He thought I was still hurt over him pushing me away, and I was, but it hurt more to know he chose my sister over me. The fact that I felt like I was being crushed and couldn't get over him didn't help either. Nothing I tried was working.
We had just finished training for today and I was about to go, when I was jerked off my feet.
"What are you doing?!" I shouted at Luke. He frowned but didn't lessen his grip on me.
"We need to talk."
"Um...How about NO!"
"It's not up to you! I'll hold you here until you either talk and listen to me or hurt me enough to let go."
I stopped trying to rip myself away from him and instead went limp. He took it as a sign that I had given up and that's exactly what I wanted him to think. While he relaxed I grabbed his arms and flipped them behind his back. I kicked him in the back his knees and pulled his arms out of socket, to the point to where they would break if I twisted them any further.
I hadn't noticed that I had been wrapping my magic against his skin, tearing the layers straight into muscle, until he screamed out in pain. His unholy yell broke through my trance.
I quickly let go and watched him crumble. I stood motion-less for what seemed like hours and screamed. I felt a hand snake around my mouth and looked up into Brenden's cold eyes.
"What happened?" He asked letting go of me.
"Speak up!"
"I hurt him and- Can you please just take him to my sister? She can help him." There were tears forming in my eyes and Brenden just snorted.
He turned to Luke and picked him up, threw him over his back and looked back at me.
"Don't stay out too long, okay? I don't want to come back out after dark just to find your butt." Then he was running back to the house.
I turned and ran to my secret cave hiden farther in the woods. I stayed there crying until it was almost nightfall, then made my way back to the base. Once I made it inside, I found everyone except Luke sitting in Paul's office. When I walked in I felt a calm seriousness about the room. I hesitated and asked, "What's going on?"
They all ignored me for a moment, then Paul said, "Blair, we need you to leave."
"Why?" I asked, then turned to my sister and asked, "Where's Luke?"
"He's in the infirmary no thanks to you!" Clover spat heatedly.
"You need to leave because you don't need to know what's going on." Paul said.
Before I could reply, Luke came, stumbling, into the room and said, "No. She needs to know."
"Look at what happened to you when you tried to tell her! No! I say we don't tell her and let whatever happens, happen!" Clover screamed.
"Clover, shut up! She's your sister for Christ's sake!" Luke yelled right back. Everything was silent after that. I kept staring at Luke. He had never spoken like that before, to anyone. I found it hard to believe that the beaten and bruised man standing before me, was the same man I loved. But I knew it was. No matter what changed he would always be the same to me.
Someone cleared their throat and we all turned to look at Paul. "Jenofivf is looking for again. They want to recapture you and use you to kill every other supernatural alive."
I fell to my knees and started to whimper before I could stop myself.
"Tell her the rest." Luke pushed.
Paul sighed, then said, "They're going to kill you too, Blair."
I stumbled from my knees, to laying on the floor and fainted.
I woke up early the next morning, to find myself in bed. I went to get up and saw that there was someone leaning on my legs. Luke was hunched over in a chair laying on me, alseep. I gently went to pull the covers down enough that I could get up but failed. Luke shifted a little and sat up.
He yawned and stretched as he sat up, and stared at me. I quickly got up and ran to my bathroom. I took a quick shower and when I opened the door ten minutes later, expected him to be gone. I was twisting a towel around me when I saw him, still sitting in the same chair. I stopped moving and snapped, "Why are you still here?"
He leaned back in his chair and gave me a smug smile. "Because, like it or not kid, we still need to talk."
"I have nothing to say to you." I said as I walked over to my door, closed it and locked it. Then I went over to my dresser and pulled out a bra and a pair of black lacey underwear. I dropped the towel and slowly pulled on my undergarments. I looked up once in the mirror and saw Luke watching me. There was something in his eyes that made me shiver and look back down. I went back to ignoring him as I made my way over to my closet. I picked out my favorite pair of black skinny jeans and was about to put on a teal t-shirt when Luke spoke up.
"Try the dark green one."
I hung the teal one back up and reached for a long sleeved dark green shirt.
"Yes. That one." I pulled it on and went back to my dresser. I looked in the mirror and saw how tight fitting all my clothes were. Luke didn't speak again until I was done brushing my hair and was about to open the door.
"Wait! This is important."
I ignored his request and reached for the door handle. I was beginning to turn it when he said, "Why did you kiss me, Blair? Better yet, why did you attack me yesterday?!"
I froze and slowly turned back to face him.
"I don't know. You scared me."
He frowned at that and said, "We both know you're lying through your teeth."
I glared at him.
"Tell me the truth, before I have to tell Paul about what happened."
"You didn't tell him?"
"No. I wanted to talk to you about what was going on before I even went around him."
I sighed and walked over to my bed. I laid down and closed my eyes.
"You know why I kissed you. I only attacked you because I didn't want to talk to you, still don't want to. I didn't mean to hurt you though. I'm sorry."
As he brushed what I had said away about kissing him, I felt crushed. I decided to move against it though and act like I was unphased. "Are we good?"
"Yeah. We're good."
I felt a hand on my thigh and opened one of my eyes. Luke was leaning face down against my bed again and had his hand laying on my leg. I closed my eyes again and relaxed. Just being touched by him like this was enough, at least, for now it was.
I don't know how long we laid there like that but it was nice. I had almost fallen asleep when Luke's hand moved. It slid slowly up my thigh, closer and closer, unitl it was gone. I opened my eyes and sat up on my elbows. Luke was already at my door holding it open, about to leave.
"No practice today. Just get some rest, I think we both need it." Then he smiled and closed the door behind him.
I laid back down and sighed. That man always confused me. He could be all mentor like one moment, then treat me like an actual women the next. He was a tease every moment of the day and didn't even know it. I started to think about our converstaion but thought better of it. Paul could be listening in on everyone and I didn't want him hearing about this.
I threw myself off my bed and headed downstairs. I searched the whole bottom floor of the house and found no one. I ran back upstairs and checked everyone's rooms. No one was here. I was heading back to my room when I thought about asking Luke where everyone was. I was about two feet away from his room when I heard the voices.
"You shouldn't have moved at all. Let alone sitting up all night. Where were you anyway?"
"Clover, relax. I've been through worse." Luke sighed.
I covered my mouth with my hand and moved quietly closer to his door. It was opened and I could see them. Luke was laying on his bed and Clover was changing his bandages.
"I know, I know. But you didn't answer my other question. Where were you?"
"Urg. Clover it does hurt when you rip it off, you know?"
"You with her, weren't you? Ugh, I hate her! I wish I never would have rescued her when I broke out of Jenofivf!"
"Clover, you don't know what you're saying! She's your little sister!" Luke gritted out as she ripped another bandage from his shoulders.
"I don't care! I don't like sharing you with her!" Clover snapped back.
"I don't share myself with anyone." Luke bit out.
"Ha! Right. Then what do you call those nights when you come to me?"
Luke was silent for a moment and Clover started laughing, then he finally answered her.
"The same thing I call this right now." He said grabbing Clover by the waist and throwing her against his bed. He quickly straddled her and siezed her mouth with his. Her hands grabbed at his neck and his hands ran over her body. Then he broke the kiss and looked her in the eyes. "Restraint." Then he leaned back down and started kissing her again.
I walked back downstairs and went outside. I went around the back of the house and went to the swings. I was sitting down, thinking about how having sex with Clover could be called restraint when there was something pushed against my mouth. I tried to pull whatever it was off but failed. Then I collapsed into awaiting arms.
I woke up in a dark room, with no light at all, chained by my wrist. I looked around the room but saw only black. I pulled on the chains and found that they were longer than necessary and attached to the wall, above my head somewhere. I walked forward, testing my reach and managed about three feet before I felt the tug of the chains. I was about to start searching the room with my magic, when a door opened and lights were turned on.
The room itself was bare except for a set of chains on every wall identical to my own. The walls were white and the floor cement. It reminded me of a very twisted hospital room, only without any tools or beds.
I looked up to see a man coming towards me. When he was standing right in front of me I could clearly see everything about him. He looked about my age, maybe a year older. He had dark brown hair that went to his shoulders and hung in his eyes, pale skin almost as fair as my own and deep midnight blue eyes.
It wasn't these features though that really made him stand out. There was a scar that covered the whole lower left side of his face. It was a faded red-ish brown and I could tell it had happened years ago, only to heal to form this. I looked away from his face and looked away from him. He looked me over once then turned towards the door. He left for about a minute, then returned with a man I did know.
Someone I knew every well.
The boy said something to Paul then left the room, closing the door behind him leaving Paul and myself alone. Paul walked over to me and shook his head in disappointment.
"Paul, what's going on? Where am I?" I could here how confused I was in my voice and knew he did to.
"Blair," he sighed still shaking his head, "This is the underground headquarters of Jenofivf, my dear."
I forze where I was standing and stared. I couldn't have heard him right. He said Jenofivf was after me, so why would he bring me to them. I decided to calm myself before asking my next question.
In a steady voice I said, "Why are we here?"
He finally stopped shaking his head and looked me in the face. He looked so much more colder, more ruthless than when I had lived with him.
"Simple really. Isn't it obivious? I'm part of the group that leads Jenofivf."
When I stayed quiet, going over everything he said, he continued on his rant.
"You see, when you escaped, no, when you were stolen, I was completely screwed. My main weapon and it was missing. Then Clover left a trail while escaping and I caught a break. I interceded your guy's runaway and got you to trust me. Took a while though, so I brought in Luke. He warmed you guys up to us and eventually got you two to open up."
"Clover was the easiest but you were the one I really wanted. That was until I caught another lucky break. After two years of living with us, I heard every little thing you two thought, so I knew exactly when Clover started to hate you. She hated how you got so close with Luke and how easy it was for you to do it. At first she ignored it, she thought he was just being nice to you because of how young you were. Then things changed. He started hanging out with by choice and looking at you differently. That's when she really hated you."
"Clover doesn't hate me." I said, even though I knew it was a lie. I had heard her say it with my own ears.
"I can still read you and I know your lying. But that's not the point of the story. The point, is that I got what I needed when that happened. She finally gave in when I asked her to join Jenofivf."
I blanched at what he said and thought back to all that had happened the past couple weeks. I knew what he said was true but I didn't want to believe it. To believe my sister was working with our, mine, sworn enemy made me sick.
"Hey, that's not the reaction I was planing on. Luke took his job to seriously. I didn't want a girl who couldn't crumble once I made my grand speech." Paul said with a very serious laugh.
"Who else?'' I whispered.
"I said, 'Who else'."
"Ah, well Clover, myself, and of course Luke. He never resisted anything I told him to do, though I'll admit he's to good for his own good."
I looked away from him and stared at the floor. There was a chip in the cement and I chose that as my focus point. I breathed evenly through my nose, until it stung and refused to make anymore contact with Paul or any other person who was in this facility.
"But Brenden was the tough one. He doesn't have a clue about what's going on. I tried everthing, and I mean EVERYTHING, to get him to change his mind, even told him he'd have a better shot with Clover if he did! Didn't work though...He was just to think headed and wanting to be good, that nothing worked. Oh well, at least I've got you now."
Paul stopped talking once he realized I had stopped acknowledging him and made a irritated sound at me. As he started to pace back and forth, I realized how much of a pompous jerk he was and couldn't understand why I had ever liked him. But he was a good actor I'd give him that. Him and everybody else for that matter. Except Brenden, the one guy I purposely distanced myself from.
Paul stopped pacing, pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes. A moment later the door opened again and the same boy came back in. He walked over to Paul and remained quiet until Paul spoke.
"Bring her something."
The boy nodded and started to leave.
"Something appealing." Paul commented before the boy was gone, already going to do what Paul had asked.
"Nice lad. A bit quiet for my taste but loyal." He walked over to the door and stopped to look back at me. "It's a plessure to have you here finally. So try to keep yourself in check. Don't want any people upset now do we?" He added as he left, leaving me alone again.
I feel to the ground and sat against the wall. I pulled my legs up to my chest and laid my head against them.
Luke had been one of them. No, he was one of them. He had toyed with me on purpose and I'd just thought that he was dense. I still didn't understand his comment about restraint, but I didn't want to anymore.
I was still thinking about all the times I had been duped when the door opened. The boy came in, carrying two trays in his hands. He came and stood about three feet away and waited. I got up and walked over to him. He was just close enough that I could grab one of the trays without the chains pulling on my arms too much. Once I had a trya he walked away and sat on the opposite wall, about ten feet away.
I watched him as I sat back down and looked at what he gave me. There were two pieces of fried chicken, corn, and a roll with lots of butter on it. It wasn't until I noticed I was drooling that I found out how hungry I was. I kept my manners and ate as slowly as I could, but soon I realized that that wasn't possible.
When I was through one of the chickens and and most of my corn I looked up and saw that the boy was watching me. I put my food down and wipped my mouth. He had barely eaten any of his food, which was the same as mine, and just kept staring at me. I ignored him until all my food was gone and I still felt hungry. I pushed my tray away a little and that's when the boy got up. He moved to stand in front of me and reached down. I expected him to take the tray and go but instead he held out his roll.
I looked up at his face but he didn't do anything. I slowly took the roll from him and watched as he bent and picked up the tray, placing it on top of his own. He got back up and walked to the door. He was almost out of the door when I said, "Thank you."
He stopped moving and stayed still for about a second, then continued out the door. He closed it behind him and lights turned back off, leaving me alone in the dark again.
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