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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #1743746
Dracula sequel of sorts.
*All non-original characters and settings belong to the original author.*

The girl looked at the picture of her father. Such a good man, she thought to herself. She missed him so much. She loved him. Then he was taken from her… killed. She still didn’t know how. All she knew was he was put in an asylum. Then, gone.
She put the picture back on the mantle. She then left the house. She was going to find out why her father was killed.

“Sorrin Renfield!” Amelia Harker said.
“Hi, Amelia!” Sorrin replied.
“How have you been?” Amelia asked.
“I’ve been… fairly well. What about you?”
“I’m good!”
“Amelia, do you know what happened to my father?”
“I don’t. But I may know who might!” Amelia answered.
“Who is that?”
“Professor Van Helsing.”
“I thought he died,” Sorrin said.
“No, I mean, his son.”
Sorrin looked over at Amelia, “And would he know?”
“Yes. I think he would.”

“Miss Renfield, I’m glad you came!” Van Helsing greeted.
“How may I be of service to you?” Van Helsing asked.
“Well, I was hoping you could tell me how my father died…”
“Oh, dear. Well, let me look here.” He pulled out a journal and flipped through the pages.
“Is that your father’s journal?” Sorrin asked.
“Yes, in fact, it is. He was there where your father was killed.”
“Oh my.”
“Read this here.” Van Helsing pointed to the page.
Sorrin took the book and read it.

The Count had taken Renfield by the neck.
“You betrayed me!” he shouted.
Renfield couldn’t talk so he had just shaken his head. This had maddened the Count. He had crushed the poor man’s neck and thrown him down the long staircase.

Sorrin looked at Van Helsing, “Is this… this Count… dead?”
“No. At least, not that I know.”
“What… what is he?”
“He is what is known as Nosferatu. A vampire.”

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