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My dear sweet Leatis Graves
My lover , my friend
May this world be consumed by
Flame as we travel side by side
In creative wonder. Our days filled
Of writing...new worlds. Our nights
Filled of fervent acts. The sounds
Of our hearts beating, rushing as one.
The way you kiss me gently, caress my
Cheek ever so slightly. The way you make
Me laugh and love. You chase my tears.
I have awakened sir by your touch...your kiss.
The way you hold me..protect me.
Your name sweetly rolling off my tongue
To delicately graze my lips.
My world is a variety of colors...but blind
I was before you. Now I have opened my
Eyes like a new born babe. I see the
Wondrous beauty that lay before me.
I lose myself as I gaze lovingly into your eyes.
My lover, My friend.
My dear sweet Mr. Leatis.
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