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Rated: 13+ · Assignment · Fantasy · #1743821
This is my second written assignment for my punctuation class.
Sol and La galloped through the lush woods and kicked up dust on the gravel road on their way to town..

"Slow down!I can't keep up anymore." La stopped and panted.

"What's wrong?" Sol rub his head against her.

"I'm with uni."

"How is that possible. You're barren!"I'm going to be a father! Will I live to see my child?"

"I think it's this place. It's done something to my body. Will you go on without me today?"

"Just make sure you're not seen going back to Aunt Laveil's. I'm very happy about becoming a father. Just not so sure about these times we're in." He tapped La's horn with his.

"Bye, Sol.Please come back to me in one piece."

Sol threw his head back and neighed. He dashed off in a gust of silver wind. He slowed down when he reached the back of the general store.

Four aluminum trash cans lined the building, two on each side of the doorway. Sol crept up to the container on the far right and lifted the top off of it. He laid it down on the ground and peered into the top of the contents of the garbage.A crumpled up piece of stationary caught his attention. Sol grabbed the tip of it with his teeth. I need to give this to Queen Morganna or Tyler.

He turned into a silver wind that rotated like a tornado as he dashed down the street to the back of the diner. He stopped when the kitchen came into view.

Sol poked his head in and didn't see anyone. He strolled in and dropped the letter on the black table.

A dark-haired man wearing an apron with a pad in one hand and pen in the other walked in the kitchen. "Hi, Sol, what's going on?"

"Read that letter. It's disturbing from what I could tell."

Tyler picked the letter up and read it.

Dear Jackie, Kathy, and Maddie,

I'm sitting here in detention again. Miss. Octavia hates my family, and I end up here because of it . I know it can't be because I put super glue on Tommy Everhart chair during lunch, and I did tell very one in class that his brother made a ten on the spelling test. Y'all know that was funny, wasn't it?

I should be out of here at four P.M. I will put this letter in your desk before I leave, Maddie so don't get caught with it . However, if you do get caught, I want you to run and tear this letter up into a million pieces.

Now, l will get down to business. All three of you need to keep a watch on what's going on around here. Things are changing fast, and I don't like it worth a flying flip.

Mommy wants to be the Gov. of MS. After that, she wants to be the President of the USA. When she get through with all of that, she wants to rule the world. First, she wants to take over the Faerie Realm before anything else. It all has to do with bringing my oldest brother Lucifer Jr. out of the fiery underworld for good.

I feel like everything is going a 100 mph. Don't y'all? Just too fast for seven year olds. I do want to see Lucifer Jr.

It's about time for me to go. Miss. Octavia is saying something. Oh, will you shut up, Miss Octavia!

Yea, it's time to go!

Friends Forever,


587 words

A period marks the end of a complete sentence or a sentence fragment. The period is placed at the end.

Mild imperative, rhetorical, and indirect questions all require a period.

Place a period after a request.

Familiar initials do not need a period; however, abbreviations do require it.

If the last word in the sentence ends in a period, do not follow it with another period.

A two-letter state abbreviation--used primarily in addresses with or without the zip code-- has no period and has both letters of the abbreviation in upper case.

Abbreviations for government agencies and some other widely used abbreviations again use all capital letters and no periods.

Eliminate periods in abbreviations, especially in units of all kinds.

When an abbreviation with a period ends a sentence, the second period is not necessary, but a question mark or exclamation point would follow the period required by the abbreviation.

Emphatic commands and exclamations require exclamation points.

In quotes, if the exclamation mark is used in a sentence, place the mark inside of the quotation marks.

Some phrases, sentences, and commands that are sarcastic in nature may or may not need an exclamation point. This is a point that the author uses to convey the exact tone needed.

When one asks a question, put a question mark after it.

If a spoken question is followed by unspoken words, the question mark goes inside of the question marks.

Use a question mark when a sentence is half statement and half question.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1743821