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When all light is gone, you have to face yourself in order to come out alive.
Jason stood confident, like one of the stalagmites inside the cave. He smiled at the new group for this month’s spelunking tour. He quietly scanned the guests that would be joining him for five days inside the cave.

Elise, from England, pretty brunette. She might be the nag, but he knew that looks could be deceiving. She probably wanted to prove something to someone or to herself. She might turn out to be tough even if it is just an act. If nothing else she was pretty to look at. She smiled at Jason when she caught him staring at her. Jason smiled back, and quickly turned his attention to the very skinny gentleman standing behind her.

The man looked a bit diseased, maybe anorexic, but he couldn't be sure. He seemed like a friendly chap. His big open mouthed smile showing a set of unnaturally white teeth. He was at least dressed right for the expedition. Unlike the English girl, he opted to listen to Jason's advice. He wore old leather boots, a pair of dirty jeans and a worn out t-shirt with a picture of a smiling sun on the chest. .

Next to Mr Thin, in stark contrast, stood Mr Fat. Jason shook his head, only slightly, trying not to make it obvious. In all fairness to Mr. Fat, he was just overweight enough for others to see he is overweight. Jason mentally fit his size to the entrance at crystal palace and decided that the gentleman would make it through.

Behind him was obviously his wife. She carried a toned down version of his belly and thighs. She hugged her man from behind, and Jason knew they would be the kissy kissy couple that was going to irritate him, as well as the rest of the group.

The gorilla man stood in the corner far from everyone else. The loner. Jason knew he would be thr man he'd have to keep an eye on. He was probably the guy that would wonder of on his own to smoke a joint. He would have to tie up his black curls, because he would without a doubt get snagged somewhere along the way.

"Hi everyone, I am Jason. I will be your guide on this fantastic adventure. Has anyone of you done anything like this before?" Vigorous shaking of heads.
"Well, let me assure you, this will be the best part of your stay here in Africa. I know. There are no big five wildlife in the caves, but as far as adventure goes, this is it. So everyone got everything that was on the list to pack."
"I could not get an extra light bulb" the anorexic man said.
"I have an extra one for you.' Jonathan smiled. The other waited patiently for the exchange.
"Ok now the formalities, you all know who I am. Lets start this side and introduce yourselves to us." Jonathan said, pointing to the English girl on his left.

"I'm Anja...from England." she said.
"I'm Dirk from Holland." The thin man said. Jonathan could have sworn he saw the man push out his chest as he said Holland.
"I'm Steven, from New York, and this is my wife Linda." Linda waved from behind her husband, the picture all to clear. The speak when spoken to wife of an overconfident but riddled with insecurity husband.
"I'm Don, from Cape Town." The monotone deep voice spoke form the corner. Jason was amazed at the bass in the young man's voice; it felt way to old for the face.

Donovan picked up his Nylon bag, designer made for him, for these expeditions.
"Well lets be of shall we. When we get to the crystal chamber we will sit down and go over the safety rules, and eating and sleeping arrangement. On the way in please watch your heads, the entrance is lower than what it seems."

The group was still uptight. But Jason knew through experience that by the time they reach the crystal chamber, it was going to be a job to keep them quiet. He allowed himself a smile. The isolation of the cave has a way to strip people from all their silly hang-ups. He remembered when he first came here, a city boy, coolest in town. The cave swallowed him whole and spat out the Jason everyone knows now. Worlds apart, but he loves the caves and what they turned him into.

The mouth of the cave yawned wide, at the approaching adventurers. The moss growing like a luminous moustache on the black rock dripped with the early morning dew as if the mountainous head had just splashed its face with ice-cold water. Jason stopped the group before the entrance. Pointed to his head and entered the cave. The new guests felt the cool breeze blowing from the black depths. Over mindful of hitting their heads on a protrusion hanging from the roof like a lonely tooth they in turn ducked low to take the first step into the depths of the earth. 
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