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The second journal entry of a female serial killer who wants to get caught.
Journal or Diary-

Well I'm beginning to think I over estimated the intelligence of the cops. I've sacrificed four people in the name of art and the murders have begun to capture the attention of the nation. The last crime scene I intentionally left evidence at the scene and they still are seeking a man in his thirties. Why is it so hard to imagine a young woman is capable of gutting a human being and stringing them up for all the world to see. I really don't understand why everyone is so upset. The bodies have been transformed into a beautiful work of art. If anything they should be praising me like Monet or van gough.

My cop friend is involved in the investigation and has asked my advice on the case. As a psychologist he asks for my opinion on tougher cases all the time. I suppose he asks me because I've worked with the criminally insane in the past. If he only knew the truth. He doesn't have much of a voice on the team, but I try and point him in my direction. Plus maybe if I keep helping him the honcho in charge will ask for my opinion. That would be a good start.

Maybe I should leave some sort of message on the next one. Hm mm. What next?

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