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A stranger gives Callie a mysterious warning.
A strange feeling passed over Callie as a lean dark man emerged from the shadows. He was naked except for the off white wrap that covered his waist down to his thighs. His hair was in a long braid and very black and shiny and the look he gave her sent shivers down her spine.

His left arm reached out to her so slowly as if time were moving much more slowly for him.

He whispered, "Don't trust the one who completes the top mission. He will turn evil. Anyone who completes the top mission turns evil."

She shuffled backwards, letting her palms guide her against the rock wall as her eyes watched his approach. Even though he moved slowly, he seemed to be gaining on her. In fact, the rock wall seemed to push her towards him, closing the distance with every back step she took.

Over and over, came the message. What top mission? she thought.

She felt her heart race and thought she would die from a massive heart attack.

But the voice sounded soothing. It was gentle and meant no harm.


This must be Budha, she told herself.

How do I know that?

He seemed to see right through her to the wall behind. He resembled a Native American in the manner she would imagine one to be a Native American, having never met a real Native American. His skin was so tan, and the body and limbs were so lean and muscular.

"Don't trust the one who completes the top mission."

And then the man was gone. She found herself alone in the dimly lit caverns, wondering if she had imagined the whole scene.

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