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by Yomi
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Disease really is ominous until it strikes you the hardest.
         One evening, I sat perched up against an oak tree near the silent forest. This was my only hiding spot where all my worries were kept away, where my thoughts harmonized with the gentle whispers of the wind. The wind, ever gently, caressing my cheek, sliding my hair back into place against the oak tree’s dry bark. In plain sight was a red rose bush, in which its roses were swaying with the intensity of a gliding feather. All around me was pure green blades of grass that could be no greener than the thought of well, grass itself. How wonderful it is to have some peace at mind within a beautiful scenario being covered by an endless supply of cheerful sunshine.

         Sooner than later, it was time to leave this paradise and head back home to my tiny dorm at U.M. I have a big upcoming test tomorrow and I promised Mary Anne I would make it home in time to study together, maybe even have dinner together. Although I know I will never make it back in time to see her off, but I can always hope right? Mary Anne has been sick lately. Almost always is she never home when I get back from my daily routine. I’ve asked her a dozen times what was wrong, but she always says, “Nothing’s wrong. You know, sometimes things are better left unsaid. Spares the loyal heart some grief.” And would just, leave it at that. I don’t really understand what’s going on but I would give the world just to see her well…

         Twenty five minutes on the road spent, I’ve finally arrived home. As I trudge up the dorm building’s stairs, I realize I am ten minutes late. Mary Anne has already left to do her biding. I sigh disappointedly of my late arrival. I wonder how she’s doing. The real question is, “What is she doing?” I reach my destination and pull out my keys, in need of unlocking the door. Last thing I need is getting locked out in the middle of the hall. I open the mahogany door as my home comes into view. My unmade bed stares back at me, reminding me of my sleep deprivation. On top of my night stand, lays my veterinary textbook. I contemplate studying without Mary Anne tonight, but it wouldn’t be fair to her. If she fails, we will fail together. At least that’s what I reciprocate. She is in fact the only friend I have on campus. She’s proven to be trustworthy therefore earning her title as my best friend.

         I decide changing out of these sweaty clothes is my next important task. I grab some shorts and a white tank top and hurriedly shimmy into them. Walking towards the bathroom, a colorful note catches my eye. I immediately recognize the handwriting to being that of Mary Anne. It read,

Dear Izzie,

I wish I could’ve waited for you, but it seems I am late. Not only do you have a special hiding place, but I too have one. It’s quite lovely and I want you to see. I won’t be back until near midnight, so please get some studying done as well as rest. Don’t worry about me, I will be fine. And if you’re wondering, yes I pinky promise! So please don’t stay up or else.

I love yah, Mary

         Alright, even she thinks I’m some kind of depraved soul. I place the note back in its original spot and walk into the restroom. As I stare up into the mirror I can see the consequence of those many restless nights under my hazel eyes. Why is it I can’t sleep? Something is going on, that’s why. Whatever the reason is, I wash my face and decide studying might in fact be the way to go tonight. I grab a towel and tap my face dry. Exiting the restroom, my cell phone begins to ring. It’s Mary Anne.

“Hello?” I answer.

“Hey Izzie, It’s me Mary.”

“Hey girl, what’s up?”

“I just got some news and I want you to know. Don’t be afraid, ‘kay? The doctors said it’s not so advanced that treatment isn’t an option.”

“What are you talking about Mary? You’re at the doctor’s office? What for?” Oh my god. Its finally happened. But it can’t be happening can it?

“I’m sorry I never told you. I just couldn’t bring myself to. Things like this happen every day and..”

“No! They happen every day to people who aren’t my best friend! They happen to helpless people and god damn it you aren’t

one of them, you hear!”

“That is why I’ve decided to accept the treatment. The doctor’s say I have a chance at being free of it. Who knows I might get lucky.”

“I guess. I can’t talk right now. Bye Mary.” I clicked the phone off as I replay the newly acquired information over in my mind. Two more days until summer turns to winter. New semester. New schedule. New everything. It seems this day wasn’t what I supposed it’d be. I close up the thick textbook and crawl into bed. It’s just not fair. My stomach agrees with the injustice that is being done. Hell, I’m starving myself with worry. I close my eyes and slowly, darkness closes in on me and throws me into my dream realm where harm is unknown.

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