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For my brother, as he broke my heart, and the guy I liked who never knew about me...
Welcome to the dark
Welcome to my apathy
Welcome to my numbness
Where no one enters but me

Love the dark
Embrace the solitude
I love the silence
Of my beating heart

Watch me fade
Each time you come
Stay away, leave me alone
Comfortable in quiet

Don't touch,
I'll break
My heart is more expensive
Then you can afford

Don't wanna touch
Just like everyone before you
Afraid that I'll break
But I'm not that fragile

Insulted by the pains you take
To keep your distance
Watch your step
Watch and stay away

Watch where you walk
Around, before, behind me
Step on a crack,
You broke your mother's back

Her heart too
Took her life when you jumped
Fell down that crack
In the sidewalk

Left, uncaring
Scattering those pieces
Behind you,
Now I pick them up

I watch and wait
For you
To push me away again
So I can fix your mess

So welcome to my dark
My black world
Beauty is hidden
Inside a world of pain

I lost the freedom to love
To care, to hope.
But now the effort to stay afloat
Is getting too hard

My bridges aren't holding,
My jacket isn't coping
I'm slowly going under
And you're not helping

So welcome to my dark,
Filled with silence, hurt and pain
Rid yourself of me
And don't return again
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