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(unfinished) - written a long time ago - would live to revive it
It was cold. And she was sat in the attic, just thinking about the past. She drew a white circle and stepped into it. She knew she was not alone. She called all the energies she could to the centre of the circle in which she was now sitting. She closed her eyes and recited the poem her great grandmother had given to her many years ago. The room went dark and she was left sitting alone. She felt a reassuring hand on her shoulder. Still with her eyes tightly fastened shut she turned around and held out both of her hands. She felt the warmness of her mother’s hands on hers and she smiled. She knew this was possibly the last time she would be like this, in a circle, in the attic, with her mum. By leaving the house she had lived in from birth, her, her brother, her two sisters and her father would also be leaving behind every memory they ever had in that house, as well as their mother.

  *              *            *

Jade has always been a happy girl, always close to her mother but not so close to her father. She was stunning with gorgeous green eyes; quite possibly they were the reason why she had been named Jade. She had long black hair and a pale complexion. She was never like the rest of her siblings. She was the spitting image of her mother, not only by looks but also by personality. Jade always knew she was different, she knew she was nothing like her family, only her mother knew the real her and that’s the way she wanted things to stay, but after her mother died the secret life she was living could no longer be kept a secret.

Jade was a Wiccan, following in her mother’s footsteps; however her father was a strong Christian and did not agree with the Wiccan teachings Jades mother, Opal followed. When they married Opal was made to promise that she would no longer follow the Wiccan teachings and become a member of the Catholic Church. For a while she was able to do so, but within six months of her marriage to Daniel she could no longer keep up with the lies she was being taught. She believed nothing of ‘Jesus’ or this superior being. She believed in the god and the goddess of the earth, she always had and nothing was going to change that. She could not change this, it was how she had been brought up, it was everything she believed and everything that she lived for, she couldn’t just forget it all and believe something new. It was in her blood, it was part of her. It was then that she realised she had to go on practising her own religion. She did, but she could do it only in secret. Once Daniel had gone to bed or while he was at work, she grabbed every opportunity she could to simply have time to herself. She still had to attend church on a Sunday with Daniel, as otherwise he would have become suspicious.

When Daniel and Opals first child was born Opal wanted the child to grow up knowing about both Wiccan and Christianity, yet Daniel forbid this and told Opal she was forbidden from talking about the ridiculous religion which she was no longer part of. Opal was left crying over this for days, much to Daniels ignorance he had no idea about this and believed it was just the strain of the new young child.

Ruby as she was named was unlike her mother and her father who had both been blessed with hair as dark as the night was born with hair the colour of straw. A blonde, that almost looked as though it was yellow. A colour that you can only imagine, yet have never actually seen. A colour that you would imagine to be awful, yet she was as beautiful as her mother. She had deep blue eyes and with her long blonde hair she was stunning. Ruby was brought up attending church every Sunday with her mother and father and any other child or parent would believe her to be the good catholic child, yet she knew a part of her was missing. Like her sister Jade, who would be born, only a year later, she knew there was something not quite right.
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