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First ever hair transplant training Fellowship
http://www.darlingbudsindia.com/fue-training Dr Tejinder Bhatti, eminent plastic surgeon dedicated to the art and science of hair transplant in general and FUE in particular and the founder of the leading hair transplant clinic DARLING BUDS (Chandigarh, India), unveiled his training Fellowship program on 22 Jan 2010. The training program was unveiled in the presence of Dr Alex Ginsburg, one of the pioneers of FUE in the world. Dr Tejinder Bhatti is a Global Council member of the international body ISHRS (www.ishrs.org).
Hair Transplant Training is difficult to get since the technique of hair transplant and FUE in particular are closeted techniques. Hair transplant techniques have been so refined the world over and it is so time consuming and money consuming to learn the procedure which takes about 2 years to master and another 5 years to be commercially viable due to stiff competition that the gurus of hair transplant the world over clam up when a junior doctor speaks the words- "Can I train under you, Sir?"
Dr Tejinder Bhatti, CEO, Darling Buds Hair Transplant Center, India, has started a training program for all doctors wanting to get a basic introduction and short training in FUT and FUE methods. This is the only training program for hair transplant the world over which is certified.
In 2010, 6 overseas doctors and 34 technical staff trained under Dr Bhatti.
Dr Tejinder Bhatti's training program is the best in the region.
Dr Tejinder Bhatti's unveils his unique exhaustive training program in hair transplant surgery in general and FUE in particular has many takers from USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Europe.
Till today over 192 doctors from around the globe have trained with Dr Tejinder Bhatti
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