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Poem about learning to trust new relationships.
Sitting in the dark, her skin softly caressing mine
I start to wonder where all the time has gone.
As I look at her dark hair, skin of marble chiseled fine,
Does she really love me, or am I just a pawn?

We have all been hurt and loved in our day,
By lovers and friends now and past
Whatever the outcome, choices that may
Be fleeting… or effects that will last

From my early first love, and childhood friends,
Even the love of my parents-siblings too.
The first hurts the worst, but the heart still mends,
Constantly relishing each love anew.

Even small things in life, jobs, friends and time
Sculpt us into who we are this day
From the earliest day, to our mighty prime,
All will influence us in some way.

You see a man is nothing more than the sum of memory,
Without it you are nothing in life
Forget your past, your present and you’ll see,
You’re future is like walking a knife.

As I muse on these thoughts, and other musings too,
I look down to smile at my muse.
She snuggled into me, eyes saying “I love you”
A present memory, I delight in I choose.

I hold her softly, listening to the soft wind,
In the night sky, dark as the blackest coal.
I wonder if it’s final, on which my happiness is pinned,
Or if this will be just another etching on my soul.
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