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Just some personal thoughts I put together.
Have you ever been molested by your cousin for six years
And had no one protect you?
And when your grandmother found out, did she not do anything about it?
Did she just sit back and let it happen?
I have and mine did.

Have you ever been molested by your mom's boyfriend for seven months
Later to find out that she suspected him of doing it all along
I have.

Have you ever tried to kill yourself when you were twelve?
I have.

Have you ever cut yourself for four years?
I have.

Has you relationship with your mom been like night and day
One minute she loves you and the next she's calling you names,
Choking you and trying to hit you with hammers?
Mine has

Has that same mom sent you to a group home when you were just sixteen
Lied to them saying you were eighteen
And is enjoying the fact that you don't live with her anymore?
I have and mine has and is

Did you graduate high school at fifteen
But was just passed from grade to grade
Because the school didn't want to deal your behavior issues?
I did

Are you seventeen and now writing this poem
In hopes that sharing it will help someone else in need of inspiration.
Are you a survivor, writer and a strong young woman
Who wants to make sweet lemonade out of the sour lemons that you have been handed?
I am, I just did and I do!
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