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A 297-word story depicting a troubled female's escape from an abusive relationship.
Hollow tears streamed down Allie's cheeks as Kevin held her by the shirt.  "Dammit Allie...." His breathing was short as his fists mercilessly pummeled her.  This continued on for another minute or so before there was a knock on the door.  Kevin hesitated for a second, and then threw Allie's crumpled body to the floor.  "Clean yourself up." He said uncaringly, throwing a sheet over her quivering figure.

He straightened up his shirt and stepped toward the door, opening it with casual caution.  A sharply dressed man with a briefcase stood on the porch.
"Hi! My name is Bill and I'm here to tell you about a great deal I'm offering on hygiene products..."

In the unlit room, Allie slowly calmed down.  She held onto her locket necklace, popping it open.  The cloud-stifled sunlight peeking through the shades revealed the picture of her younger sister.  She clutched the necklace tightly, breathing deeply.  The sound of thunder boomed outside, sending a jolt through her spine.

After an endless moment, she rose to her feet.  Her shoes and jacket were still on.  Her wallet was in her pocket, inside which was a transit card and a few train tickets.  Clenching her fists and biting her lower lip, she dashed out the door.

"See, this aftershave has a base composed of twelve different minerals... who was that?!"

Kevin rose from his seat suddenly, standing in the doorway.  "Dammit, Allie!!"  He could do nothing but yell, she was already too far to chase.

Torrential rain poured on Allie's back, but she didn't care.  She ran, ran as fast as she could, ecstasy of freedom washing over her.  The storm poured on, but the afternoon sun glimpsed through a hole in the dark clouds, illuminating the road ahead.

And Allie kept running.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1744751