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An essay I wrote in dedication to the day I got my purity ring.
         On February 13, 2010 my mom and I went to a local beauty store. I was looking at some rings and asked what the sizes were. My mom pointed to an adjustable one and told me to try it on. It fit! I was SO happy because I have really tiny hands!
         The next day was Valentine's Day. I woke up and put my ring on my ring finger. It was then that I the idea came into my head. I could wear this ring as a promise ring to not have sex til marriage! Of course it didn't look anything like a promise ring and I had already lost my virginity at a VERY young age! But I've always believed in born again virgins and liked the idea of purity rings, so this just seemed like the perfect idea.
         Later on that day I got bored and decided that I wanted to buy something with my brand new credit card, like any normal sixteen-year-old. I looked at the ring on my finger, got on google, and typed Purity Rings in the search engine. Christian Teen Shop came up almost right away. Their rings were very nice, but I didn't want something that said True Love Waits or Purity on it! I need something different and unique!
         It didn't take long to find it. As I was looking at the details of each ring, I came across one with a diamond in the center of heart. There were also hearts going all around the ring. I fell in love with it and ordered it right on the spot! I was SO excited!
         Waiting for my ring was unbearable! I called the company almost everyday to make sure it was coming. They said it should arrive by Friday. So I waited and waited and waited. On Friday, February 19th, I went outside to catch the bus to meet my mom at the college where she worked. I opened the mailbox at 2:25pm. There, in an envelope mark Christian Teen Shop, was my purity ring.
         I ran upstairs to my room to try it on. It fits like a glove and says Love Is Patient on the inside. The only time I take it off is to put on lotion, but you'll never see me without it! And even though the hearts going around it have faded, that heart around the diamond, the diamond itself, and those three beautiful words still remain.
         I've since found another purity ring website that I'm quite fond of, PurityRings.com. They have the most beautiful rings I've ever seen, much better than the one I have. Unfortunately the ring that is my FAVORITE, one with three round diamonds representing you, your future husband and GOD are between 400 to 1,000 dollars, so I'm outta luck there. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to be proposed to with that ring. But if I don't, he can just get on one knee and gently rub my left hand, cuz it's either that ring or the one I already have! No exceptions!
         I will end this by saying that by no means do I judge people that have sex before marriage! It's a personal choice and I believe that we all must make the one that's right for us. Buying a purity ring was a choice I made and I know it's gonna show me which guys care about me and which guys need to hit the road. I know that I will not regret this decision.
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