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a man who gets stuck in-between to angels fighting
The Angry Angels

Mr. Edwards paced in front of his phone. He wasn’t a very patient man, but now he found himself waiting for the call that would decide what happened in his life. It would tell him if he has a job or not. The phone rang just as his wife told him to sit down and eat his dinner. “Mr. Edwards,” said a man with a raspy voice. “We have a small problem with the job that you wanted. We have narrowed it down to you and one other person. We would like you to come down for a second interview.”

“I don’t have a problem with that,” Mr. Edwards said, as he went to get his jacket.

“Thank you. Please come down as fast as possible.”

Mr. Edwards stopped in front of the office building. Behind those walls is my future and one way or another I will face it like a man. Edwards thought shored up his nerves as he starred at the buildings facade.

Entering the lobby, Mr. Edwards looked around at the beautiful enterior. Sky blue walls made him feel a bit as though he was still outside. The blood red chairs struck him as out of place in such an airy feeling room especially with dark mahogany tables that were just like his nightstand. Moving through the lobby to the office he had entered once before, Mr. Edwards braced himself for the plain gray interior. This room always made him wonder just how boring his interviewer was once you got to know him.

After the interview, the man who interviewed him said, “Okay, Mr. Edwards, Jacobs couldn’t make it here today. So, I am giving you a choice, take the job now or wait until tomorrow and give him a chance?”

Edwards thought as he leaned back in the chair. “I will wait, if it’s all the same to you.”

“Okay, well, then good night.’ the man stood up and gestured for Edwards to leave.

When Edwards got into his car, he heard two voices yelling at one another. He looked at his left shoulder and saw what you see when you watch a cartoon and the angel pops up on the persons shoulder. When he looked at his other shoulder he saw the exact same thing. Then he finally started to understand what they were saying. ”You hog-washed piece of demon chow,” yelled the angel on his left.

“You no good demon loving son of a banker,” shot back the second angel.

What are you so angry about?” Edwards asked as he turned to look at the angel on his left again.

“Well, I think you did the right thing back there but my friend over there on your right side doesn’t agree.”

“You don’t get where you want to go by waiting. You have to grab life by the horns,” the other angel said.

Okay, well, I could do without your meddling in my life. Go find a dog or something !” Edwards yelled at them.

They disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

When Edwards got home, he told his wife what happened. She pushed him towards his bed. “Go, sleep, before you make me as crazy as you are.” The last thing he saw that night. were the angels, yelling on his dog.
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