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by Mimi.S
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A BL (Boys Love) story about a boy's tragic life making a turn for the better.
Hiding My Love

         She told me that I was never meant to fall in love. She also said that no one will ever love me back. They would just pick on me. When I was 3-13, I thought that was true. I didn't really liked people, nor did they like me. I was always alone and I didn't speak a lot, too. I didn't want to meet other people. I was happy like this. August 20, 2010 was my first day at Middle School. And, the first day I saw "him". My name's Sekushi Korosu. I was Born in Japan and moved to the U.S two weeks ago. His name's Chudoku Utsukushii. I don't know where he's from but he's been in the U.S for three years. We've only talked once at my job before school started. And ever since then......I just had to hold him!!
         I never thought I would fall for someone. My mom always told me I wouldn’t, therefore I thought it love will never come. Hell. I know I’m only 14 at the time and kind of don’t need to think about “dating” or “love” at this time. Well, that’s what most people say. When I saw him that first time when I was at work was too much for me. He was cute and very kind. But, like a dumbass I asked him who was the flowers for. Now, while I’m thinking about it. It hurts when he said it was for his girlfriend. But then again. Where I live is very homophobic and I can tell that “change” happens very little here. Ever since then I wanted to meet him again. I think I wouldn’t care if he’s gay or not. Just being around him is all I’m asking.
         It’s the first day of school and I didn’t feel well. I just wanted to look down and not care about what’s around me. I don’t just get this way because of the start of school. I kind of like school, really. But I get this way all the time. The only time I do this is when I’m thinking hard about something. But, this time it was weird. If I was looking down this whole time means I was thinking hard about something. Then I just lost all contact with the world around me. I was trying to think of what I was thinking about, which did not help ‘cause I fell deep within my thoughts that I didn’t know I was at the school gates, and that I almost got hit by a car.
         “Hey, Kid look out!!!”
         All I know is someone pulled me back. I didn’t know who did it and why. I just know I wasn’t thinking about what I was thinking about anymore. “……My god, man! What were you trying to do, kill yourself?!” She starts to yell.

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