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Anthony must help a detective solve a interesting case. They get a criminal to help them.
Missing Pieces

Ch.1: Unexpected Help from an Asylum

Anthony stared at the detective in confusion. “You really think that will work?”

“Yes.” Said Detective Moore as he moved a chess piece on the table in front of him, “I believe that there is a 90% chance that she will co-operate. Just tell her what I told you to tell her, then she will listen.”

Anthony nodded and put on his hat and coat before leaving their apartment. He walked down the cement steps and on to the side walk. The sun was setting making the sky turn orange and red and the streets were almost empty. Every now and then a cold wind would blow through him. It would be winter soon enough. Quickly, to avoid the cold wind, Anthony made his way to his car. The faster he made it to the Asylum the quicker he would get home. He started the car and drove off to the said destination.

Detective Moore had been on a large case lately and he was getting close to solving it, but he needed help. The only problem was that this ‘help’ was currently in the towns Asylum, one of the cities worst criminals, Sarah Du’vall. For some reason the detective believed that Anthony could get Ms. Du’vall to co-operate solely on the fact that his mother knew her. Anthony, on the other hand, doubted it would work. But then again Detective Moore was rarely wrong.

Anthony stopped the car as he reached the Asylum; it was a towering structure that reminded him more of a horror film than a hospital for the criminally insane. Getting out of his car he walked up to the large doors of the building and entered bravely.

Walking down many flights of stairs and through corridors, Anthony was lead to where the Asylum kept Sarah Du’vall while the security guard gave him instructions:

“Ms. Du’vall has been pretty calm the last few years, ever since your mother passed away.” Anthony was about to ask why but the guard continued, “She has escaped many times since she can manipulate all elements, so try not to make her upset. Further more, she is a sadist, but other than that there are no major mental problems with her. She was put here mainly because of our high security.”

The guard came to a stop and Anthony did the same. “I’ll be outside this door, if anything happens, be sure not to scream. She likes that.”

Anthony paled as he stared at the metal door in front of him and because of what the guard just said, “Why would anything happen?”

The guard laughed, “She never knew your mother had a child and I’m sure she will be dying to get her hands on you once she knows.”

Anthony gulped and walked into the room cautiously as the guard opened the large, heavy, metal door. He jumped when the door slammed behind him, but he tried to calm himself. He no longer had on his coat and hat, so he ended up fidgeting with his fingers as he looked at what was in front of him:

The room was divided by a thick glass wall, but Anthony couldn’t see the other side of it. It was as if darkness had engulfed that side of the room, concealing the person who hid inside it. Walking closer to the glass wall, he nervously ran his hand through his hair, and said,” Ms. Du’vall, I would like to speak with you.”

“And who might you be?” An alto voice asked from the other side.

Anthony prepared himself for what might happen before he answered, “I’m Anthony Harving.”

Suddenly the darkness on the other side dissolved to reveal a tall woman standing directly in front of him behind the glass wall. He jumped and his heart raced in fright of the quick action. Sarah was a head taller than him and she was dressed in the hospitals’ patient attire: a white t-shirt and sweat pants. Her long brown hair had deep blue streaks that matched her blue eyes that were staring intently at him; almost as if she were studying him to make sure he was who he said he was. Her mouth curved into a sadistic grin.

“Renee had a son? Why did no one tell me?” She shook her head and chuckled, “What do you need, Anthony?”

Anthony’s hazel eyes stared at her a moment longer, adjusting to the fact that his woman knew his mother, before he answered, “Detective Moore and I need your help on a case.” Anthony hoped that this would convince her. Moore said it would but Anthony didn’t understand why.

“Detective Moore?” She asked as she lifted a brown in question, “Does he still play chess all the time?”

Anthony grinned, “Yes he does.” He cleared his throat, trying to act professional in the situation, “You will be released if you agree to help us.”

Sarah’s face changed from cheerful to anger quickly, “Released! Boy, I can leave when ever I please!” She said offended.

That was when Anthony remembered what the guard had said earlier. “Ms. Du’vall, why did you stop escaping when my mother passed away?”

Her angry face softened to a saddened look, her eyes looking at the floor and no longer his face. “I cannot be a villain with out a hero to defeat me. Renee and I have been together for many years, it just didn’t seem worth it if she was gone.”

Anthony was speechless as he listened. Sarah was upset by his mothers death? That wasn’t what he had expected. He watched as her hand pressed against the glass, her eyes back on him, instead of her hand stopping it moved through the glass as if it were water; the glass rippling as she moved through it. Anthony was frozen with fear until that hand came closer to his face, her fingers almost touching his cheek.

Anthony tried to move away too quickly and ended up on the floor. He sat up and watched as she walked through the glass casually. As she approached him, Anthony rushed to stand up and head to the door, but Sarah stopped him by standing in the way. She was unbelievably quick. Her hand reached out and Anthony flinched but relaxed once he realized that she was just fixing his hair.

“I’ll join you and the Detective,” she agreed, “and I will help you solve this case, but only because you’re Renee’s son.”
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