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A Short essay i wrote in April of 2010 on a relationship i had.
         You never know when you’re going to find your soul mate.
Like fairy tales, it doesn’t come that easy. At our first couple of years, we see the opposite sex as something unpleasant. We don’t think of loving anyone or liking anyone but our parents or family members. As we grow older, we gain more interest in things, mainly, our interest in others.
My religion takes a big part in this area, because I put my trust in God to provide the best for me,
but it always hasn’t been perfect.

         I’ve been wondering when I would find my true love.
Almost 19, and careless, I was on the verge of giving up.
I’ve been through relationships and have had my heart broken.
How hard is it to find a guy that won’t break my heart?
My brother has what seems like a perfect relationship with his girlfriend of almost four years and seeing relationships like that make me jealous and want one.

         The relationships I’ve been in, involved fighting and complete chaos.
I guess you never know what you’re up for when you enter a relationship when you don’t even know the person that well.
Every single relationship I’ve been in, but one, I didn’t know the person for more than one week before.
Most know me as boy crazy or some say “I go through boys like I walk through doors.”
When we feel that something is missing in our life, we look to certain things.
When you lose someone you care about you try to fill the missing piece.
Happiness for me would be a guy. I tend to replace my sadness with the joy some guy would give me.
We all know it’s great to feel appreciated and loved and have the best things thought about us.
I guess you can say talking to guys is my escape, but who would ever really admit it?
That’s not something anyone should be okay with, but we've ALL done it.
But in honesty, talking to someone else to get happiness just shows how much you lost.
When you never feel fully satisfied with the happiness from another person it shows how much more the person you lost means to you than the other someone that can replace them.
But at the breaking point i'm currently at, I can't even imagine doing this. Through this experience, God has shown me I'm so much more than that.

         If I'm one who trusts in God, why would I rely on others for happiness and to fix things or mend my heart? Everything is possible through God.

         “Keep an eye on your happiness. If someone enters your life, don’t let ‘em leave with it!" -Rev Run.

         It’s so hard to find someone that’s exactly what and who you want.
When you do find it, you sometimes feel it’s too good to be true.
God blessed me with someone so amazing to come into my life.
He was everything I wanted in a guy and everything I could have ever asked for.
But as things went on and didn't go the way planned, my trust in God was lacking until I turned to him.
Sometimes you just cant be selfish and want what you want.
You have to supply yourself with good intentions trusting yourself along with the best that God will provide for you.
Leaving things up to God is one of the hardest decisions you can make because you never know what his plans are.
whether things end up as a fail or have a great success, the process is a time of testing and it's all worth it in the end.
Ending and starting fresh was what would be best.
This relationship is one in which I have fallen fast.
Love is something so dear. It means more than anyone can explain.

                   "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." -1 Corinthians 13:13
         I decided to get wrist tattoos of faith hope and love.
It's something I carry with me everyday... on my wrists!
God has shown us what love is and taught us how to.
We can not love without him. We can not trust without him and we can not hope without him.
We can Love BECAUSE of him, we can have hope THROUGH him and have trust IN him.
and that's where I stand, having hope and trust to further my love.
he know's whats best for us, and already made plans for us.
We have to trust that it's what's best and let him know that our faith is in him, and as the Father trusts that in us, We trust that in him.

         This whole experience has brought me closer to God than I have ever been.
It's sad sometimes though that we only come to God when we are in need.
We need to thank him for what he has already given us and what he has planned to give us.
I thank him SO much for everything he's done in my life, without him I'd be and have nothing.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Made to Love, made to Hope and made to have Faith.
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