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Rated: 13+ · Other · Erotica · #1745424
The rise and fall.

            I have a reoccurring nightmare. I have nothing to dream.
    Maybe, that's Hell. So, I bought the Dirty Harry collection at the
    bargain bin at Wal-Mart. It has DIRTY HARRY, MAGNUM FORCE,
    THE ENFORCER and SUDDEN IMPACT. Each film includes extra
    features a director's commentary and my favorite a tribute to
    Clint Eastwood. The interviews are overlapping, between excerpts
    and other note worthies. Does anyone find it amusing that all these
    films are about vigilante justice? Dirty Harry or Inspector Callahan
    does not play by the rules.

            So, I took a minute to consider my DVD and VHS library.
    The majority of the films are shoot em ups. The sci-fi is mostly
    monster' hunting. I have Al Pacino's Merchant of Venice. That's
    not a happy story. Maybe, Star Trek could be optimistic, but there
    are a lot of aliens to blow up first. Just one epic fist fight after
    another. Is it possible to tell an entertaining happy story?
    Nope. Happiness is not entertaining.

    Tribute to Pogo:

        "I think I first discovered Pogo in the bathroom.
        I was showering and thought rubbing Pogo was fun."
        Clint Eastwood.

        "Pogo has become an icon. Everyone recognizes Pogo."
        Sondra Locke.

        "Sometimes, when I polish my gun, I think about Pogo."
        Harry Gardino.

  Epilogue: "Through the years Clint Eastwood has shown us how
                  versatile he is with Pogo. His Pogo has become legendary.
                  You just never know how he'll show it."
                  Film historian Richard Shickle.

  Film Trailer: Me and Pogo

        Clint Eastwood uses his walker to get a beer out of the fridge.
    "Oh-er! Dam my Pogo!" he grimaces and grabs his sagging Pogo.
    Clint turns his walker toward the bathroom, but pees a puddle.
    "God dam it!" he growls.

  Now that's a coming attraction?

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