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Thoughts about words.

    The spoken word, the written word, words in any form, these spell communication.

    The written word – the one single event that allows mankind to leave something behind, something that can be forever, if the medium used will weather the elements, and this something is written history.

    History – written history, in so many forms, of all that was, and still is - carries on.

    All of this is so easily shared today via a book. 

    What is it, that makes some people start to literally drool when they see a book?

    It happens to me.

    Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by books. There is something about a book that draws me - like a moth to a flame. To feel the warmth, see the secret, and find all the writing hidden betwixt the front and back page. To open the 'all of knowledge' to an insatiable mind, who will suck up the words, like an ever hungry vacuum cleaner. Maybe words have value - to where these are sent - that is still not clear.

    Even the common newspaper has its splendor. Like a crossword puzzle, leading you this way - then there, then here - snippets of the smaller or greater world it represents. Giving bits that would otherwise be lost to all, fighting for a fair cause or causing an unfair fight about an unfair cause, newspapers can do it all. Even the smalls are a world unto its own, selling; telling; informing; and advertising; all the wares of this world, even in alphabetical order.

    Who said that the pen is mightier than the sword?

    To be able to parry with words against the might of the masses, look no further than the leaders of this world. Whether they sway by politics, or religion, or military … the mass will follow. The dream - The ideal - The cause. All because someone made them believe, using the might of words. The masses will follow till where-ever the strength of the word will carry them, even unto death.

    Then these words are eternalized into book form, and hundreds of years, even thousands, and the messages still are carried over to generations, to share in the words of a bygone era. The stone tablets of the ancients, the Dead Sea scrolls, the secrets of the Pyramids, and Sanskrit, there are still many secrets and information to which modern man has no access. Even more questions than answers still exist, and this, with all of the modern tools available to man.

    Graffiti is an interesting field, where words are not really words, words are graffiti. Graffiti is man's first effort at expressing a conscious mind. Stone-age man immortalized himself by leaving a legacy of cave art which today, still keeps man 'reading', to more clearly understand the 'news-paper' of the time. Surely, some of the most perplexing graffiti must be the drawings left in South America, drawings that are only clear from the sky.

    There is a language which goes back to the beginning of earth, and that is geology, the language of the rock itself. The study of geology is an ongoing process, with new news almost daily. In conjunction with the rock, the fossils, speaks clearly of a time when things were slightly more different, a mere few millions or billions of years ago.

    Books allow the layman to enter worlds which he could otherwise have never had the opportunity to, visit minds, and share information, of everything that is known today.

    The expert armchair traveler, or voyeur of all there is to see, can share in the wealth of all the minds that cared to share their knowledge.

    By books, it is meant, all that is available in written form.

    From A to Z, and in so many other forms of presentation, the words are amassed, and whether it is for good or bad, that is for the reader to decide.

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