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The Right to be Stupid.
            Nature is finite. There is an organic system to control over population,
      human ingenuity has broken free of the ecosystem. There must be planned
      population growth. Over saturated cities and rising pollution will necessitate
      an aggressive eugenic's program. It is the right of every nation to manage
      its surplus population.

      This was the victriall of the 22nd century. No one could escape the environmental
      agenda. Sexual reproduction was closely monitored. The rights of the many
      were greater than the one. "Evil actions are only produced by ignorance and
      no one is ever bad of their own free will."(Socrates). The law was absolute.+

      Saint Fetus was never born. She/he had no name. The fetus had not become
      self aware, but had one desire: to live. Sophie had become pregnant while
      in a coma. She was brain dead. The doctors attending to her life support had
      petitioned to harvest her organs and fetus. Saint Fetus had only a prayer for
      survival. The father was the son of the chief of physicians. Ben was only 16
      years of age and desperately wanted to keep his child.

            "Father? I am a man of means. I have a trust fond. May I please keep
      the baby?" Ben whimpered. His father turned on his swivel chair to his son,
      "Do you know the law? Article 362 does not allow a minor to raise a child."
      "You could be my child's guardian. Think of the life you will preserve."
      Ben begged. "You had sex with a woman in a coma. Think of the scandal
      you have brought me. Do you have any idea the charges that are facing you?"
      his father's voice was harsh. "I-I love her." Ben stammered.
      "Oh my God! She's brain dead! How could you love a vegetable?" his father
      bellowed, peering down his glasses. Ben looked away and bit his lower lip.
      "I just know." he said.

            Saint Fetus could hear the shouting, but did not have a frontal lobe
      to interpret the words. She/he kicked hard. The EKG jumped. Ben's father
      stood up and made adjustments to the respirator attached to the woman
      in a coma. "Your upsetting the patient." his father whispered. "But how
      she's brain dead?" Ben hurried to her side. He watched the bellows push
      her chest up with each breath. "She is aware? Did she hear us?" Ben asked
      placing his right hand on her bare left breast. "Stop that!" shouted the nurse
      and slapped Ben across the face.

            "Why do you strike him?" a voice said.

    The nurse looked over to his father. He was startled, "Who said that?"
    "It is I. I of the becoming that does not stand still." the voice grew louder.
    "This is a trick." Ben's father answered and searched the room for a
    concealed microphone. Ben fell to his knees, "God? Protect my baby!"
    An orderly broke out in laughter, "Ah-I've been practicing ventriloquism."
    "Oh? Very funny. Get out." Ben's father sniped and lifted his son off
    the floor by the collar. "Every life has value!" Ben sobbed.
    "No. Some people are stupid!" his father shouted and tossed Ben out
    of the room.

          And so it came to pass Saint Fetus was martyred for stem cells.
          Her mother's organs were harvested and Ben was sent to a mental
          health rehabilitation penitentiary  where he was castrated to prevent any
          more unwanted idiots.

    Reflections: Saint Fetus found glory in abortion. Set free from the corruption
                      of this world. She/he is now an heir to everlasting life.+

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