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Our assignment was to take a real news story, and add our own twist to make a new story.
On a normal Friday, me and my mother were driving down the freeway. I had a plastic bird in my hand that I had just recieved for my 8th birthday, and every once in a while when my mother wasn’t looking, I would stick it out the window. Its plastic green wings shone in the sun, and I looked on it with pride. I decided to sneak it out my window one more time. Its beautiful wings fluttered in the wind, but then a man in a wheel chair raced by, and stole it from my hand.
My mom saw it happen, and she immediately switched lanes, and we were on a high-speed race down the freeway with the man in a wheelchair. "WHAT THE HELL DID I TELL YOU ABOUT STICKING YOUR TOYS OUT THE WINDOW??", she screamed. "THEY'RE ALL JUST GOING TO GET STOLEN" I said nothing.
He swerved insanely back in forth across lanes, cars honking, and people screaming at him. My mom was totally determined to get his thieving butt into jail . He finally came off at an exit and jumped over a 10 foot fence into someone’s yard. My mom, smashed through it, disregarding the fact that she could also probably go to jail. He went into the persons house through their back door, and ran over the dinner table that the family was sitting at. We blasted through their wall, but the old car finally gave out. They looked stunned, and it seemed like they couldn’t take in what had just happened.
5 minutes later, the police gave us a ticket for driving into someone’s house.
Disappointed, we drove home without my bird.
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