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by Kagura
Rated: 13+ · Article · Dark · #1745956
I Hate Nekos With a passion... I hate Everything about them...
Everyone has something they hate... for me, it happens to be a kind of incidius creature from the gates of Hell itself. The pressure of watching these, things... They are NOT human. Not Human, Not deserving the glory and honer of the Holy One.
That is how the Holy One is served. No other one shall stand be for him. No other shall provail. He is Eternal, He is the One of life, He is the One of death... He is GOD ALMIGHTY! God is the one to be there when fellow comrades are not, He is the ONE! Hallelujah! HE WILL PROVAIL! We are the ones put here by His holy hand! How perfect we were made in his holy image! Hallelujah! AMEN brothers in Christ!
The creatures I speak of are the spawns of the Unclean One. Thay are vile, thay are crude, they are the enemy, and they shall fall. Anyhow, I am the few chosen to do his work... I am the vindicator of the unjust. I am Kagura, the cleanser of the unholy.
The Enemy shall Fall, Brothers. They shall fall...
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1745956-What-I-Hate