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Jenny's partner has passed away but sometimes she feels like Luke is still with her...
Jenny sat on the rocking chair looking out of the patio doors of her new house. New warm, wet tears began to build in her eyes and gently began streaming down her face again as she gently stroked the ginger ball of fluff that had curled up on her lap. It had been a month since she last saw Luke and she still felt like she was dreaming and that within minutes he would come bounding through the door like he always did with a large bouquet of flowers in his hand. Jenny was used to him working away, but it still had not sunk in that this time he would not be returning. She looked down at Pumpkin and began tickling her behind her ears. Luke had never liked cats; he thought of them as vermin and had said that he would never be seen as the owner of one, but on the day he married Jenny he gave her Pumpkin as a gift. She was delighted and could not believe that he would sacrifice his pet hate and go ahead and buy her a cat, but that was Luke. Ever since meeting Jenny he had been almost like putty in the palm of her hand. He fell to his knees for her and would break his back trying to please her. They were the perfect couple; from the day they met they knew that their future was together. And now he was gone.
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