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Rated: 13+ · Serial · Fantasy · #1746208
God's 'Plan' for Jack...kinda
        The big oak door wasn't a big surprise; He's God, He gets the big door. But the sign saying, "Please wipe your feet:)," bordered with flowers in a pretty frame...whatever, He's God.  Jack knocked a few quick times, and heard a muffled, "Come one in, Jack." Wiping his feet on the throw rug, Jack opened the door and went inside. Expecting the throne of Biblical telling, Jack was once again surprised at what he saw.
        The wall-to-wall carpeting was a deep gray, reminiscent of office buldings; the room was wide , with the big oak desk against the back wall. The walls were a warm beige and empty except for three things: a picture of God drawn by a child, a big jumbo-sized birthday card with an over-sized cat on te front, and a picture of space on the wall to Jack's left.
      "Nice picture of space, God," Jack said companionably as he walked towards the desk. Not certain how to act, Jack stopped at the chair in front of the desk and waited for the ok to sit down. God chuckled a bit and motioned for him to have a seat . God closed the laptop computer and centered his gaze on His visitor.
      "Actually, that is space. It's a window of sorts. I like the colors; it's some of my best work. Speaking of work, let's get down to business." God lit a cigarette, took a drag, and continued. "It has come to my attention that I have two problems: An entire planet oppressed by a totalitarian government, and your lack of faith in Me. So, I'm gonna fix both at the same time. You, sir, have a date with Destiny."
"What do you mean, 'lack of faith'?" Jack's voice showed his offense.
"You know I'm real because I came down there and got you. But if I hadn't, would you have prayed before bed? Or gone to church?" God's perfect smile and perfect teeth were bright against the beige background.
"Which church? We've been fighting since You made us about who's right!"
"I'M RIGHT, Jack. The destination is always the same, but the journey is what counts. Either way, you have a job to do; this journey is pretty rough-and-tumble after tonight, so you'd better get some rest. Hey, Destiny! Come in here, sweetie."
        The door swung open to reveal a beautiful, raven-haired, human(hopefully) type creature. Her smile was amost as bright as the Old Man's, and her gray dress hugged her curves as she walked towards Jack.
        "Hello, my name is Destiny. You and I have a date at the Emperor's ball on Clyton 8."
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