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A man encounters a beast in the woods.
WC: 300

Doctor Eggers placed a syringe on a tray, penciled a note into a chart and turned to his patient.

“I’ve given you a mild sedative, Rob. In a moment I’ll loosen the restraints.”

“How’d I get here, Doc?”

“Deputy Gibson brought you here, he found you on highway 44; near Proctor Woods. He said you were half out of your mind screaming like a banshee. What happened, Rob?”

“You know me, Doc, I’ve been hunting all my life, seen every kind of animal those woods have to offer; ain’t a one of them that scares me, but something’s out there that doesn't belong there. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“And what do you think you saw, Rob?”

“A winged beast, Doc, the ugliest creature I’ve ever seen, with evil red eyes and … we have to warn everyone and …

Eggers tightened the restraints another notch and prepared a second syringe.

“The damn thing talked to me, Doc. Scared me.”

“It spoke to you, Rob?”

“I’m not crazy, Doc … I know what I saw and heard. It said, “I’m the prince of demons; it’s my time and I am coming.”

As Eggers swabbed Rob’s arm, nurse Jones hurried into the room.

“We need you, Doctor. Paramedics brought in Father O’Connor.”

“His heart again?”

“No, Doctor. The priest was burnt when his church burst into flames. He’s in shock, but coherent enough to still shout obscenities directed at the staff.

Jones turned to leave, then stopped "Strangest thing … he claims that …Beelzebul is here and he caused the fire."

The syringe fell to the floor. Eggers stared at the glimmering glass shards, his knees weakened and a cold chill travelled along his spinal cord. Both men recognized the fear in each other’s eyes.

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