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by Keltic
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Continuing on to chapter seven where the rekindling flame seems to be brightening quickly.
Do you know how much it hurts,
How much it stings, how much it burns.
To face the day, knowing for what its worth,
After all thats happened, I still love you.
I seem to have gone crazy, because I do.
Baby, my baby, I need you.
You think that you're sly,
That I don't know what you hide.
Baby you ain't no secret spy,
I can see the love burnin' in your eyes.
You can try to deny it, try to lie a bit,
But baby I can see it in your eyes.
Don't try to act like an innocent dove,
I know your thoughts about me concern love.

~Part of a random song written by Keltic

Chapter Seven
Tough To Admit

         Ali and I hadn't fought since two days ago, when we'd gotten locked in that stupid closet that I now loved for the simple reason that it turned my life around. It helped me in the quest to get my Ali to be, well, mine again. She still gave no admittance that she still felt something for me, and still hung around with Derek. I noted their status each day that passed, and today they were still together. But I knew it would only be a matter of time before Ali couldn't hold back any longer. I myself felt self control a bit difficult.

         We now sat on the tile floor in the hallway, finishing up our report for English. After I'd recited my part, and Ali began talking about normal, interesting things, I smiled, leaning ever so slightly closer to her. If I were to hint at my newly renewed feelings, I might as well do it subtly. "So how's Derek?" I asked, my expression now neutral as I bit down the urge to growl his name.

         Ali shrugged with a sigh. "I don't know... He's being very rude lately. I mean, last night when I was helping him with his homework, he got mad because I didn't completely explain it and asked me to do it for him. What am I, his homework monkey?"

         I shook my head. "Whats up with him? Any guy knows that if you really care about your girlfriend, you don't ask her to do your homework for you." I replied gently.

         Ali nodded. "I know, right? He's got some sort of... Problems going on, apparently. But I talked to his mother just because I was worried about if he was okay or not, and she said that he was s-..." she hesitated, swallowing hard, "Said that he was out s-studying with... S-Sierra...." she stuttered, blinking.

         My eyes popped completely open. So, the moment after my girlfriend and I breakup, my ex - who seems to have some sort of romantic interest in me still - figures out that her boyfriend is out with her? Sure, I didn't care. I felt silent victory at how the road to Ali was narrowing so that only one person fit, and I'd bumped everyone off the road. But she seemed... Distraught. Disappointed. A look I didn't like. "How... Weird. I break up with my current girlfriend, and now your boyfriend is out 'studying' with her? Seems kind of coincidental, huh?" I said slowly.

         Ali sighed shakily. I had been about to put my arm around, seeing as I knew it'd feel so right, but stopped myself abruptly. Couldn't risk it. Shouldn't risk it. Wouldn't risk it. "Yeah... I know I should trust him, but Sierra is pretty and smart, and --"

         "You say that like you aren't all that." I replied quietly. "You're beautiful, and a genius, and you totally rock at this whole poetry thing. If Derek is stupid enough not to see that, his loss. His huge loss." I knew by the way she looked at me that she could tell I wasn't joking. At all.

         Ali giggled. "Oh, you're one to talk, Gabriel. What with you being all perfect over there." she replied playfully. It sounded joking to me, but there was a large tinge of reality to her words... "Your perfect respect level, perfect personality, perfect looks, perfect boyfriend material. I swear, Gabe, that even your hairflip is perfect." No joking to this one. I stared at her, dumbstruck and numb. Perfect boyfriend material? Apparently, not perfect enough... But I couldn't let myself think about the bad things at the moment. Too much good radiated out around me, sucking me into its center, letting it all revolve around me like planets around a huge, fiery sun.

         I finally snapped out of my trance. "Uh, yeah. Sure..." Silently, my mind cried out triumphantly. I knew that look she gave me. I knew that she was thinking about her words, checking off if they were true or false, and I knew that she was planning to harshly break up with Derek. Leaving everything open for yours truly.

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