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Today was one of my favorite kinds of days.
Today was a good day.  It was one of those pop-out-of-bed-raring-to-go-but-still-have-coffee-anyway-because-I-love-it kind of days.  The coffee, in retrospect, may have been better to pass on.  I've been jittery and unable to sit still since.

However, I'm not sure if that was due to the coffee or simply the lets get things DONE! mood I was in.  I wrestled with my boyfriend to release me from the clutches he tried to phrase as "cuddling" and hit the ground running.  I cleaned house, finished a workout, made breakfast, drafted an article I want to propose to my editor, researched another article I've been assigned, pulled out the map that was brutally battered the last article I did so I could map out where I was going, made a schedule of where to go and when, completed three reviews for "Showers of Joy" (thanks again for inviting me to join!  Its been an honor and a pleasure to shower the reviewees), started a blog even if no one will ever read it, and still have it in me to make dinner (never thought I'd learn how to make tortillas from scratch - until I came to China and realized it was a necessity) and maybe, just maybe, get some work done on my novel.

Whew!  I think I've been more productive today than I was all last week.  I actually was inspired to make a to-do list after god only knows how long and stuck to it.  I'm afraid I'll ruin this giant burst of productivity by having a few beers with Handsome tonight, but I've got a plan for that too - a big glass of water for each beer and a hearty dinner to stave off a hangover.  Wo neng zuo yiyang de tian! (I can create more days like today)  And I hope this blog will help.  When I'm feeling lazy or unmotivated I'll just check back and hopefully some of my "WHEEEE" spirit will siphon back into me.

I'm already craving more days like this.  Keep my head on straight and my heart pounding and I just might be able to do it.
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