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Jennifer is unhappy with Calin.
Megan had bad dreams of vampires and werewolves. Drinking Bill's whiskey didn't prevent bad dreams. She had left her dream catchers in the present. Manolito would come to her rescue in her dreams. Miles would be in the background running from vampires and Manolito. Megan woke up early at six AM. Bill and Vicki were up and Vicki asked Megan what was wrong. She told Vicki what Manolito said about his father being a wolf and the his gypsy mother turning the teen youths into vampires.

Vicki's face got pale. "Vampires and werewolves are real?"

"According to Manolito. I wish they were the Cuellen vampires and Jacob the wolf. Yeah right. Like I need another man to ask to my troubles." Megan looked down at her tea.

"It will be alright, Dear." Vicki patted Megan's hand.

Megan smiled.

Jennifer hadn't slept well, either. She, too dreamed of vampires and werewolves. She was going back to Vicki and Bill's today and talk to Calin. She should take the chamber pot with her and knock him upside the head with it.

"Did you sleep well, Jenny Dear?" Bradley asked.

Jennifer smiled. I had some bad dreams but they were just dreams. How soon can you take me back to Vicki's?"

"As soon as you want." Bradley kissed Jennifer's cheek. "Are you really in a hurry to leave?"

"How about an hour?" Jennifer giggled.

Bradley was more then happy to have Jennifer to himself for an hour. Bradley and Jennifer were going to be busy and they started kissing and touching each other.

Megan packed her clothes. As soon as Jennifer came back, they were going back to Jane's house. Megan heard the gypsies playing the violins and beating on their tambourines. She heard Calin yell he wanted more rum. Megan was thinking: GYPSIES, TRAMPS AND THIEVES. How true it was for them.

Megan was done packing and she headed over to the gypsy caravan. Manolito bowed. "My Princess and my lady."

"Where are your vampire friends and your father?" Megan asked.

"They only come out at night."

"Typical behavior for them. Jennifer had better be safe or you will be sorry."

"Of course, she is safe. Calin gave you his word."

"Like I can trust you two." Megan's eyes spit fire.

"Please, be fair. We promised and gypsies keep their promises, my Princess." Manolito bowed.

Just then a carriage arrived. It was Bradley and Jennifer. Thank Goodness thought Megan.

Jennifer and Bradley headed towards the gypsy camp. Megan ran over to Jennifer and hugged her. "I am glad you are safe. I was ready to shoot Calin and Manolito! You don't know what they did. I was afraid you were in danger"

"I know what Calin did and it sounds like Manolito was involved, too I am in a mood to shoot gypsies!" Jennifer glared at Manolito. "Where is Calin?

Calin arrived just then. Bradley pulled his gun. "We need to talk, Gypsy!"

"Rich man. Relax. I promised Megan I wouldn't hurt you or Jennifer. No need for your gun." Calin smiled a devilish smile.

"Sir, you can put your gun away. We are leaving today." Manolito bowed.

Jennifer slapped Calin. "I don't appreciate what you done. You don't own me. I will shoot you myself."

"I am sorry. Rich man. You can have your horse back. I won't be any more trouble to you. We are leaving. I guess the lovely Jennifer wants to be with you." Calin looked sincere but Bradley didn't lower his gun.

"Sir, you and your gypsy friends leave and don't ever come near my plantation again. I will shoot you." Bradley wasn't a violent man but he didn't like Calin and Calin knew it.

"We are getting ready to leave. If you will excuse me." Calin walked away and Bradley didn't trust the gypsies. Manoilto grabbed Megan's hand and kissed it and he whispered in her ear that the moonstone could be used to contact him anytime and he walked off with Calin.

Jennifer grabbed Megan's hand. "Megan, there were two vampires and a wolf by the plantation last night. I was emptying the chamber pot and I threw it at the vampires."

"I know. I saw them last night. Manolito said his mother put a vampire curse on them and his mother turned his father into a wolf."

"Really? This adventure keeps getting better and better. Do you know what Calin did to us? How was Manolito involved?'

Megan nodded. "I heard Manolito and Calin talking. Manolito shot off a gun and scared the horse I was riding and Miles couldn't stop the horse and Manolito saved me. I found this out when I came to the gypsy party last night I walked on Manolito's and Calin's conversation. I was so mad. They were laughing about what they had done. I kicked Calin in the knee and Manolito said he was sorry. Jane came over and said Miles was upset because Manolito rescued me and he felt like a coward. He left me and went straight to Jane's. I may not have a date for the ball now."

Jennifer hugged Megan. "Thank goodness you are safe. Poor Miles. He is innocent Calin! I wish those vampires and wolf would get him!"

Calin bought back Bradley's horse. He bowed. Bradley took his horse and walked away.

Megan and Jennifer went back to the house and Jennifer got her clothes and Megan and Jennifer said good bye to Vicki and Bill. Bradley was taking the women back to Jane's.

The gypsies left and Manolito tipped his hat and Calin did, too. Bradley took out his gun and aimed it but Jennifer patted his hand and he put the gun away. Megan thought Bradley was a man of chivalary. He was so right for Jen.

The ride to Jane's was quiet and they arrived back at Jane's. Bradley helped the women off the carriage. Jane hugged Jennifer and Megan. Megan and Jane went into the house.

Bradley held Jennifer and kissed her. "I wish I was taking you home with me but I will see you at the O'Mallory's Ball. I am having some of my men stay close by in case those gypsies come back. I love you and will miss you, my Dear Jenny."

"I love you, too. I will be safe." Bradley kissed her again. "I will pick you up for the O'Mallory's Ball."

Bradley got back in his carriage and Jennifer almost went back with him but she needed to see her friends Megan and Jane.

"He does care for you and he will stop by later tonight. He wants you to go the ball with him. You say the gypsies left?" Jane's sweet voice asked.

"Yes." Megan smiled.

Jennifer heard this part of the conversation as she entered the door. Jane put down her tea and smile. She waved at Jennifer.

"Welcome back, Dear. Did you and Mr. Kentsworh have a pleasant time?" Jane asked.

Jennifer smiled. "The plantation is really huge and nice. Mr. Kentsworth is quite the gentleman."

Megan almost dropped her tea. Now, her friend was talking like a Regency woman. After all, they were in Jane Austen's time Megan had to renind herself.

Jennifer sat down and Jane handed Jennifer a cup of tea. "Mother and father will be home tomorrow. I won't mention the gypsies to father. He would want to shoot them." Jane looked nervous.

Megan and Jennifer had wanted to shoot them but Jennifer and Megan wasn't about to tell Jane about Calin's antics, the vampires and the wolf. This would scare Jane and if Jane started writing about vampires, this would change history. Jane would have bein a 1800's Stephanie Myer.

"Oh, ladies, we are going to downtown Bath tomorrow to buy our dresses. A new shipment just came in. I am sure we will find beautiful dresses for the ball. The ball. Jennifer smiled thinking about Bradley and Megan smiled, too. Miles would be over later and Megan was all smiles, too. Manoilto was a rough gypsy as was Calin. She knew Bradley and Miles were the men they should be with in this time era.

Just then a carriage pulled up. It was Miles. Jane got up and let Miles in. Miles entered the room and Jennifer spoke to him. Jane wanted Jennifer to meet her in the parlor. She had a quilt that she wanted to show her.

Miles sat in a purple winged tipped back chair by Megan. He was dressed in a suit and he always look handsome. He looked like Leo for sure. An older version of Jack Dawson.

"Megan, I am sorry about the way I acted. I wanted to save you when that horse bolted from that gunshot and I was helpless and that Manolito was able to stop and calm the horse. I am a coward." Miles looked at the floor.

Megan reached over and patted Miles hand. "No, you aren't. Manolito shot off that gun and he was being a Jack Ass." Miles look puzzled. Megan cleared her throat. "I guess that isn't lady like. Anyway, his friend Calin set fire to some of Bradley's tobacco plants and Bradley wanted to shoot him when he bought Jennifer home."

"I would like to shoot Manolito. I am going to the gypsy camp right now and call Manolito out." Miles started to rise. Megan patted Miles hand.

"The gypsies left a little while ago. They won't trouble us again. I am sorry that I made friends with him."

"They had better be going or I will make good on my threat. Megan, will you go to the ball with me?'

"I would be honored." Megan's heart did skip a beat.

Miles got out of his chair and grabbed Megan's hand as she rose to her feet. He kissed her slow and tenderly. What was it her mother had always said? There is nothing like first being in love. She hadn't forgotten Ray. He was in the present and she was in the past kissing Leo's look alike. Yes, life was good.

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