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If you do not like feet, and u do not like icarly DO NOT READ THIS STORY!!
I do not own icarly, i just own this story.
praise and critcism are very much appreciated. negative comments about foot fetishs are not!

Right after school, carly was at her locker getting her thins bout to head home for the weekend, when sam comes up to her "hey carls." carly looks at her "oh, hey there same, whats up?"
sam smiled "oh the usual, beating up dorks making fun of freddy. Hey do you mind if i come and sleep over tonight?" carly shrugged "sure, its fine with me, spencer is gone for the weekend, hes staying at sockos" sam smiled "alright cool, ill be at your house round 7" sam went out the front door.
After leaving school, sam went to the pet store and bought a collar and leash, then she went to the clothes store and bought a belt. She giggled at the thought of making carly, her best friend, worship her. after buying the belt she hid it all in her purse and went to carlys house. once getting there she walked in "carls you home" carly replys "im in the shower, be out in a minute"
Sam sits down plotting how she is going to word this, and wondering what carly is going to say and do. Carly came out 5 minutes later wearing a light blue t-shirt and cute blue shorts. "so sam, watcha wanna do?" carly sat next to sam. "well acutally carls, theres somthing i wanna talk to you about." Carly raises and eyebrow at her "oh? and whats that?"
Sam moves a little bit"ok, im just gonna come straight out with it......i know about your foot fetish, and i know about your desire for my feet." Carly looks down in shame "im sorry sam, its just....i dont know, your feet are so pretty, and ive adored them for years...if you want to leave and never speak to me again, id understand." sam giggled "that wouldnt be good for icarly now would it? and acutally i like the fact that you wish to worship me" carly looks up at her "you......you do?" sam smiles and evily little grin "yea i do, infact....thats why i came over" carly shifts nervosuly on the couch "wh....what do you mean" Sam stands up in front of carly "well, today im going to give you a chance to live out your fantasy carls. if you want to, ill get you get on your knees and worship me"
carly seems a bit uneasy at first, but carefully gets off the couch and onto her knees "i would love the opportunity, and honor to worship you Samantha Puckett." sam smiled at her friends willingness to submit to her so quickly, sam sat down on the couch "take my shoes and socks off carly" carly very carefully starts to take off sams shoes and socks slowly. "goood good, and i think you should call me goddess, wouldnt you agree?" carly looked a little shaken by what her friend had just said. "o.....of.....of course goddess samantha" sam laughs a little "good girl, now i want you to rub my feet. now!" carly quickly begins to rub sams feet. sam lifts her left foot into carlys face, making the girl smell her feet. carly keeps rubbing the right foot while smelling the wonderful aroma of her best friends left foot in her face. "you like this, dont you carls?" carly moans "i love it goddess samantha" sam giggles "how about you starts to kiss my right foot" carly immediately starts to kiss sams right foot slowly, but very nice. with little pecks at a time "good" sam thinks to her self. time to take it up a notch and make her humiliated. sam shoves her right foot into carlys mouth "suck it carly!" carly gags on it for a second but begins to suck it happily, after about 5 minutes of carly sucking sams foot, sam pulled her foot out. sam grabs carly by the hair. "carly, you are now my bitch, and you will do whatever i say for now on. do you understand me!!!" carly looks shaken and a tear goes down her cheek "yea goddess samantha, i understand." sam yanks her hair. "whos bitch are you carly!" carly yelps in pain "i am your bitch goddess samantha!!" sam lets go of her hair.
"you sleep out her tonight, cause your bed is mine tonight." sam smiles and carly looks up at her from the ground. "tomorrow is a brand new day carls, i hope your ready."with that sam goes to carlys room.
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