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What is a Home?
So it's time to back home.  The place that ceases to exist once you get there.  Open the door and now it's gone.  Just a promise that can never be kept.  Leaving you hoping for something more.  Something better.  A promise that will stay true.  Hoping only gets me to another place.  A place where the same broken, empty promises wait.  Like on Christmas day, waiting to open that perfectly wrapped, gold colored box with your name on it.  It's been keeping you up for nights.  The anticipation and excitement almost unbearable.  Now the time has finally come.  It's been starring at you for days.  No more waiting.  You tear into it.  Ripping away that which keeps you from the truth.  Breath held, and eyes wide open, you slowly open the box.  Only to find the sad truth that has been there all along.......It's empty and always has been.
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