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Entry two of my blog - some thanks and Chinese New Year
The attitude continued for a few days, but today was the first where I had to force it.

That's not entirely a bad thing - for just about everyone new habits are embraced with an almost feverish excitement and then, sometimes abruptly, peter down into forced servitude. If it were so easy, everyone who ever started a diet, tried to quit smoking, or wanted to write a new chapter of their novel (hi me!) every day would never feel the regret of failing to make the habit, well, a habit, an unconscious need to do something in particular, an inability to go to bed until its finished. I can feel myself reaching that struggle stage, but thats okay - today was the first day I struggled, and today I succeeded. I made a to-do list, stuck to it (only need to finish up reviews for Showering Acts of Joy and I'm done!), and then can relax with the feeling of waking hours well-spent.

Really quickly I'd like to throw out a thank-you to the no one who's listening. I'd like to thank Black Willow for inspiring me to use WDC as a place for a blog (in reality, online journal). I've been wanting to start one for a while, but Chinese internet firewalls make finding a place to do it a bit of a challenge. Back when my VPN was working (November 2010) I started one on blogspot (usually blocked here) of the same name - Random Musings of an Endangered Mind. I'm not entirely sure what I mean by Endangered Mind - I think it simply boiled down to it sounded cool. Regardless, thank you Black Willow, and although our blog titles may sound similar please understand that while the inspiration for a blog came from you I was not trying to copy or imitate your blog itself. I took a look at your portfolio today (and you may see a Showering Acts of Joy review soon!) and realized, somewhat abashedly, how similar our blog titles are. Great minds think alike, I suppose.

I think that's all I have to say for now. Tomorrow is the Spring Festival (commonly known as Chinese New Year). I have a Chinese family that I could be spending it with (thanks to study abroad in 2008) but they are all the way in Nanjing, I'm in Guangzhou, my boyfriend and I are trying to save money, and, to be frank, you have not known chaos until you have tried traveling during a Chinese holiday, this one being the worst. So, my boyfriend and I are going to make a nice meal, drink some beer, set of some fireworks, try NOT to set ourselves on fire, and I'll be calling my old host family tomorrow to send them well-wishes with the New Year. Go Rabbits!
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