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If you do not like feet, and u do not like icarly DO NOT READ THIS STORY!!
I do not own icarly, i just own this story.
praise and critcism are very much appreciated. negative comments about foot fetishs are not!

It was 9am and sam had slept wonderfully, she smiled at how much fun last night was, and how much fun she would have tonight. Sam walked out of carlys room and into the living room, and saw that lazy bitch carly was still sleeping. Sam walked over to carly "oh carls wakey wakey." carly wakes up "oh hey sam" she looks around "why am i sleeping out here? musta passed out i guess" sam smiled "so u dnt remeber last night" carly shakes her head "no i dont." sam giggles "maybe this will remind you" she sits nxt to carly and puts her foot in carlys face. carly shudders"oh.....oh yea" sam becomes a little irritated and kicks ur carlys face "is that how you greet your goddess?!?!?!" carly shakes her head and begins to kiss sams foot. "good carly, now go cook me bacon and eggs. NOW!!!" carly gets up quickly and runs to the kitchen to cook.
About 20 minutes later carly comes out with a plate of bacons and eggs and trys t give to sam, sam looks at her and coughs "forgetting somthing?" carly looks down and gets on ur knees and holds the food up to sam.
"thata girl" sam takes the food and begins to eat, after finshing most of it she puts the plate on the ground "finish up bitch." carly licks up all the food happily "th......thank you goddess samantha." sam smiles "carly, how would you like to become my permanent slave?" carly looks a bit shocked "i...i...." she looks down "id love to goddess sam, id love to." sam smiles "first you have to prove your loyalty to me." carly looks up "how goddess sam?" sam laughs "call up freddie and tell him you hate him, and that he should never bother you again." a tear goes down carlys cheek '"no please goddess! anything but that! hes one of my best friends..."
sam smiles "or you could call up karen, and find a way to make her let you worship her"
carly shakes a bit but grabs up her phone and calls up karen, after about a 5 minutes convo she hangs up "shell be here in 20 minutes goddess sam" sam stands up "excellent excellent. go dress up like a slut. NOW!!" carly runs to her room and come back out 5 minutes later wearing a very short pink bikini, red panties and nothing else. sam giggles "looks good for a slut like you" she smiles and they wait about 15 minutes and theres a knock on the door. carly gets the door and karen walks in "hi......hi carly" carly smiles and sam walks over to karen "we need to talk."
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