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My love in hell's garden
She is a seed. Whatever you put into it, you get, at the very least, what you put in, back.
Most likely she will give more.
She is the perfect example for love.
Her soil has been tainted, but that's not the seeds fault.
She has been growing in hell's garden. Desperately reaching for the beautiful sunlight.
Even in the dirtiest of foundations, she blossoms.
Here stands a magical tree. A tree whose fruit is the most sought after. Taste it and you'll know.


I can't believe I've found her. I had to go through hell first to find her. I would never take that back. Now I must stay and bring her with me.

Hell is pissed! Hell is doing everything to hold on to her.

Ill fight with her. She knows where she is and it saddens her. That saddens me...

She longs for that beautiful garden with all the other beauty in the world. She knows it's out there. I do too....

Hell does not deserve this.


The devil has been smiling with his treasure, but I'm here to rob his ass. Take what doesn't belong to him and give it back to the light side. The side where she belongs.

He eats all her fruit for himself. Greedy bastard! It's his favorite dish, and he's not gonna give it up easily.

So here I am.
Your soul is screaming for help
I heard your plea
Stumbling in the darkness I found you.

So here I am.
Never thought I'd find light again.
There you are
Here I am.

I must help.
So dark.
Only you, me and my shadow.

Let's hold hands and begin our search together for our escape.
Your light and my knowledge.
We will succeed.
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