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My lover and I
No matter what I do,
or you do too.
We can't shake these feelings.
They grew and grew.
Still growing each and every day.
Our seed of love we never want to go away.

So, for now I have no words to speak to you.


We stare at each other on opposite sides of a fence.
Hands poking through, I feel you.
You feel me too.
I will never walk away from you.
I'll hold on to you while you're still here.
Trapped in my head.
I'm afraid and full of fear.

When will I ever get out of here??

My mind has been made, and I'll never let go.
Scared, lost and silent
I wait, for this fence to finally dissipate.
Time will remove all obstacles.
It will destroy all these things in our way.
When it finally does,
that's when I'll speak to you
and say.

My love never quit.
It was legit.
Finally get it?
Together at last.
We're finally free free from the past.
I won't deny it.
There's no one else for me.
Only one fish that was lost out in the sea.

It's you.
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