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When a scientist's nanotechnology cancer research is stolen, a pandemic is spawned.
Dear Agent / Editor:

Personal blub for editor goes here.

THE KILLING CURE is a science fiction thriller, 121,000 words. Imagine an intercontinental version of Michael Crichton's Prey filled with intrigue, betrayal, and romance.

Blurb I

DR. CATHERINE THOMPSON, a spunky British researcher and head of NanoCures in London, has created a cure for cancer with spectacular results but mysterious side effects that include regained youth, development of strange eye colors, and sexual activity that’s off the charts. Powerful men, including her estranged father, steal her formula and wind up creating a pandemic virus. Catherine teams up to save the day with RYAN JONS, a brilliant autodidact, mechanic, and inventor whose desire for a simple life is challenged when Catherine waltzes into town and sets her sexy eyes on him. Ryan soon finds himself torn between a promise to always take care of his ailing sister and his growing love for Catherine.

Blurb II

CATHERINE THOMPSON is a spunky British nanotechnology scientist who is developing a formula to cure cancer. RYAN JONS is a virile American autodidact, garage mechanic, and inventor. While Ryan is content with his simple life, Catherine remains determined to eradicate the cancer blight and save her beloved teacher. The two meet, and it's instant romance, but Catherine needs to continue testing, so she returns to London. Ryan's sister, who rescued him from his abusive father and raised him, arrives, weak, with an undiagnosed illness. Ryan promises to always be there for her. Unable to get Catherine off his mind, Ryan struggles to resist his attraction to her and keep his resolution to never marry while Catherine can't understand why he won't return her calls. At NanoCures, Catherine's cancer formula is working with spectacular results but mysterious side effects that include regained youth, development of unexplainable eye colors, and sexual activity that’s off the charts.  When Ryan's sister goes missing and Catherine's formula is stolen by powerful men, including her estranged aristocratic father, the two are thrown together again. Dead bodies pile up in the Arizona desert, a strange pandemic strikes the wealthy, and the only one who can help is Catherine. Unfortunately, she lies shivering in a subterranean cell, kidnapped by the Brazilian cartel. Ryan is forced once again to choose between keeping his promise to his sister and his growing love for Catherine. Alone and wounded, Ryan must face his childhood demons to save the woman he cannot live without. 

My research for The Killing Cure led me to visit the nanotechnology laboratories of MIT and Vanderbilt.

In Paris, I organize a tour group with members from all over the world and can use this audience for book promotion on the website I am creating.

Currently, I moderate for a private online workshop forum where we critique one another's novels. My degree was Systems Science / Scientific option.

Previous publications: "Elthia" appeared in the May / June 2013 edition of Separate Worlds.  “First Stars” was published in The Writing.com Anthology, November 2012.

Thank you for your consideration.


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