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by shiki
Rated: 13+ · Draft · Fantasy · #1748306
The war between angels and sinners.
Pandora’s box

Sinners and angels

Chapter 1 – sinful garden

Three white beings of mighty beauty descend from the heavens and land upon a land of barren plains and distorted creatures. Everything around them is the very definition of corruption, the sky is red, the land is dead and tainted with the blood of many, and the foul stench of death impregnates the air like a pool of blood.
- How horrible… to think earth could have fallen to this level. Is there really any hope left for this place? – The beautiful female angel with light blond hair and shining blue eyes declares in a pitiful tone.
- God ordered us to repair this place… I hate to say it but... We have to do it. Not that I have any particular love or compassion for it, the beings of this planet brought this upon themselves when they sought to have power beyond their feeble grasp. – The male angel with red eyes, silver hair and porcelain skin declares coldly. 
- Tsuduki! Don’t go saying stuff like that, it’s cruel! – The blue eyed angel scolds.
But the angel’s cruel words were not all wrong. The humans inhabiting the earth had brought this upon themselves the moment they tried to harbor a power far beyond their control. A power created by angels and demons, Pandora rush. It is a powerful spell witch enables the user to possess incredible skills and power for a set period of time. The only thing in witch angels and demons ever cooperated.  It works by infusing the user with the soul of a demon and an angel at the same time, this puts a terrible amount of strain on the users body but in return gives him incredible powers.
The human race sough to control this power and use it for their own means but it was far to early for them to wield such power and the attempt burst back on their faces resulting in the destruction of the earth’s environment and distortion of almost all the human population into hideous monsters witch the angels call the sinners. It was as if they had opened Pandora’s Box. 
- Still, Tsuduki is right; the cause of this tragedy was withough a doubt human greed… and lust for power. It’s revolting… - the sexy angel with ashen brown hair and red eyes states harshly.
- That’s unusual. Uriel is actually agreeing with Tsuduki. Are you tow sick? – The blue eyed angel states playfully with a smile.
- shut up Tsukimiya! I’d never agree with her! – Tsuduki scolds
- And who said anything about me agreeing with that hard head, I’m just stating the obvious!! – Uriel arguments.
- Yes, yes… you’re definitely not agreeing with each other, geez… - Tsukimiya declares as a mother would to her children.
Seriously, sometimes those tow look like tow little kids… she thinks with a smile.
- But anyway, we need to get to work. I want to get off this goddamn rock as soon as possible. Where do we need to go first? – Tsuduki asks rudely.
Uriel takes out a sort of device from her bag and activates it revealing an electronic map of earths various regions.
- Yes. According to this map the place god told us to go to is somewhere around here… - Uriel declares pointing a small rural area in Japan on the map.   
- Why there? Shouldn’t we go to a place with more people? – Tsukimiya asks wondering why god would send them to a deserted place like that when their mission heavily involved the distorted humans probably concentrated in what used to be the city areas.
- You’re right, but still… it’s what God ordered us to do so we have no choice… - Tsuduki states reluctantly. He was never the type to be easily ordered around so it made him very uneasy to just follow orders withough questioning them a few times, but when it came to God they really had no choice.
- Yeah… I guess so, let’s-! – Tsukimiya starts but is suddenly startled by something – Tsuduki look out!
- Wha!? – Tsuduki mutters but a distorted creature jumps on him not letting him finish.
Tsuduki falls to the ground with the creature above him; he couldn’t do anything at the sight of such a thing. None of the three angels had ever seen anything like it, it was even worse than the creatures of hell. A demonic hound with threatening teeth that moved ever closer to Tsuduki’s face, threatening to rip it off in one bite.
-Tsuduki do something!! – Uriel shout’s in a futile attempt to snap Tsuduki out of his state of shock, but the angel continues to show no signs of recovery and the hound moves ever closer. Tow drops of saliva splash onto Tsuduki’s face from the hound’s mouth witch is now a mere 10 centimeters from the angels porcelain skinned face.
- Tsuduki! – Tsukimiya shout’s in despair over her friend’s plight – wake up! Get out of there! Otherwise I’ll-!
- oh no you won’t… - Tsuduki states suddenly placing his hands on the monsters belly and pushing it off of him – I’m not letting you use that Tsukimiya. You’ve already sacrificed yourself more than enough, this idiot doesn’t deserve it – the angel sates kindly to stop Tsukimiya from using Pandora rush. The reason for this is that it was a proven fact that Pandora rush not only shortened the life span of pure angels like Tsukimiya, a direct child of god untainted by the world, but it also slowly corrupted their souls, slowly turning them into demons, after all Pandora rush was a power created by demons just as much it was created by angels warranting in this way adverse affects for both races.
Of course normal angels like Tsuduki and Uriel also felt these effects but in a weaker almost stale form if compared to Tsukimiya’s.       
- I’ll take care of this idiot – Tsuduki states confidently – death cross!! – He shout’s making a gigantic white sword with the drawing of a red cross appear in his right hand. With perfect skill Tsuduki balances the giant sword making it spin at high speed while he approaches the enemy and strikes it with a powerful blow, instantly cutting it in half. The monster falls to the ground dead and Tsuduki makes the sword vanish with a bloody smile on his lips. Tsukimiya approaches him slowly and places a hand on his right shoulder.
- Tsuduki, are you alright? – The kind angel asks with a sweet voice.
- Yeah… sorry for worrying you. I was out of it for a second when I laid eyes on that thing… now I understand. They’re distorted alright… - Tsuduki explains while fixatedly looking at the creature – stay alert Tsukimiya.
- yeah…
- Hey! You tow! – Uriel calls while inspecting the remains of the dead monster – sorry for the bad news but… this thing ain’t dead.
- WHAT!? – Tsukimiya and Tsuduki shout in unison
- It’s true. Look… - the straightforward angel says, urging the other tow to look closely – see here. Its cells are regenerating at a fast pace, in other words… it’s reconstructing itself.
- Which means that thing is gonna get back up pretty soon… - Tsuduki states ironically
- No way… but then how do we stop it? Even if we defeat it, it will just keep regenerating itself over and over again… - Tsukimiya asks worried.
- We have to purify it. – Tsuduki states confidently – now I see it… this is why we angels were the only ones sent down to earth, we’re the only ones capable of purifying these things. – He concludes with angry eyes.
- I see… if that’s really the case then no doubt, demons would be useless here. – Uriel agrees.
Slowly, Tsuduki begins to approach the creature still regenerating and looking at it with a murderous face says:
- Yeah… those sneaky bastards up in heaven along with the idiots in hell didn’t tell us the whole story. How pleasing it must be… they screw up and when the tough part comes up they send down some angels to clean up the mess!
Tsuduki’s maniac voice echoes throughough the empty plains as the creature now finished regenerating gets up from the blood covered ground and is immediately slashed into pieces by Tsuduki’s blade. A splash of blood stains the snow white skin on the angels face as he let’s out a maniacal laugh.
- Tsuduki… - Tsukimiya calls out gently and reaches out a hand to the angry angel.
- Get back!! – Tsuduki orders making the female angel flinch.
- Tsukimiya… - Uriel whispers softly, pulling Tsukimiya closer to her to try and get her away from the angry Tsuduki.

I'm kind of stuck with this story recently and so this is only a sample. After reading, if you have any ideas or coments please send some feedback, thank you.


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