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Party on another planet! Cool.
        The purple sky of Clyton 8 left Jack kinda speechless. He was standing on a planet that was light years from his own, wearing a tux, and waiting for a ride with the most gorgeous creature he had ever seen, all against a purple sky. Not too shabby, he thought to himself. And that's when the gravity of his situation hit him. Jack remembered why he was there in the first place, and didn't have the faintest idea of how to accomplish the mission that the Old Man gave him. As if she could read his mind, Destiny put her hand on Jack's shoulder and gave it a quick squeeze.

        "Don't worry, you'll be okay," Destiny explained," tonight the Big Guy just wants you to observe, mingle, gather intel and all that. This party is a recon mission. Of course, if you have fun while you're doing it, I don't think he'll mind." Destiny smiled at her own comment and waved at the driver of the transport as he headed their way.

      The love-child born of a bullet train and a Chrysler 300 in 'Ghost white' stopped in front of the couple, and the driver helped Destiny inside after smiling and bowing quickly. Once inside, Destiny didn't speak, just looked out the window as the vehicle sped trough the city streets, a mixture of victorian and New York skyline architecture lining the very clean sidewalks. It seemed okay enough to Jack, but what did he know.

      The Emperor's palace took up an entire city block, its massive turrets and spyres making bold shapes against the darkening amethyst sky. Jack wasn't sure if it was their custom, but he went with it anyway and helped Destiny out of the car when it pulled up out in front of the Reception Hall. Destiny slipped her arm inside his, and they headed inside, Jack all the while trying to keep from getting too nervous. When Jack got nervous, he would sweat...alot. 'Please, God, not tonight,' was the heartfelt plea Jack thought as they reached the main party room.
      Gladiator-type events, maybe; a twisted S&M type theme where slaves were beaten for entertainment, a defeinite possibilty; but a rave? With muilt-colored strobes, light jugglers, pulsing house music, and cage dancers? Not Jack's cup of tea, but at least it was familiar...kinda.
"How am I suppossed to find anything out, Destiny?" Jack had to sream over the music.
"The Emperor is the only one wearing a gold sash. We'll dance for a while, and then we'll find the Emperor, okay?"
"I don't dance!"
"You do now!" Destny's words had laughter in them as she led jack out onto the dance floor. As the pair found a bit of rhythm on the dance floor, Jack still looked around in amazement. Now he was dancing to techno on another planet...'I'm gonna need a lot of therapy after this.'
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