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by buggie
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This is a little story about a little girl with a friend like no other.
          It was a bright sunny morning in Wyoming,the birds where chirping,the lake was stirring and everything was peaceful.It was especially peaceful and quiet on "The Runaway" farm were Ella lived with her momma,papa, and younger brother Derek. The farm was called "The Runaway" because it used to be a spot on the underground railroad for runaway slaves.Ella's great grandfather was the man who built the house for his friend ,who was a runaway.
          Ella woke up, got dressed, and went into the forest to collect firewood for the stove. Like every Saturday morning, she went to the far west corner of the forest. There if the sparrow had stopped singing, the bullfrogs lay quiet in the lake, and the chipmunk was a mile away you could hear the weeping willow.Ella was madly in love with this tree.She loved how the bark looked so rough but was so smooth to the touch.She loved listening to its cry of joy.This was the one tree she would never cut even if every other tree in Wyoming was gone.
          Not only was it the most lovely it was also the tallest.So,she would climb to the top of it and look out over the forest.After minutes of admiring this beautiful tree,she would go get firewood and hurry home for breakfast before momma got worried.After breakfast she went over to the tree and sat under its tall branches and dreamed.On this particular day she fell asleep.Hours went by and her momma and papa were getting worried.They decided to searched the forest however only one person knew exactly where to look.That person was her momma.She had seen her go to that willow everyday.When she got to the tree Ella was entwined in one of the branches, it looked as if it where cradling her in its arm as a mother does to its child.
          When her momma got to the tree she smiled a smile that stretched halfway across America. The tree was not only cradling her but it was also weeping its sad song that seemed to put Ella in a trance.Her mother being so moved by the beautiful song fell asleep falling into another branch that cradled her as well.The song had put everything else in the forest to sleep too.In fact,it seemed as if all Wyoming was put to sleep by the weeping of the willow.
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