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What to do when everything seems to be falling apart.
I just want to get out of my own head.
Is that so much to ask for?
Being able to have an out of body experience
live a life that seems easier.
How irrational of me.
How desperate of me.

Sometimes, we are allowed to be a little desperate.
Especially when having a mental break down.
And I think it's easy to say that’s what this is.

So what do I do when I feel like this
No one seems to be able to help me
A guiding hand is all I ask for
People really just need to open their eyes and snap out of it.

I really need to open my eyes and snap out of it.
Easier said than done.
I just want to take the easy way out.
At this point.
Who cares about the repercussions of my choice.

If I just left? It is my life.
I should be able to live it how I want.
No more strings being pulled.
I’m tired of being someone else’s puppet.

So I think this is the point where I break the rules
Try to do something new.
Risk everything, enjoy the benefits or reap the failure.
It’s just something I need to do.
Nothing feels like it is in my control.
Green means go, so why have I stopped.
Since I’ve already lost all control, I might as well cut the strings.

Start over as someone else.
Redefine my life.
Let’s get to it.
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