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by Ronnie
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A collection of lyrics
The Place which is Where I Am

Living in a storm of strife,
I wish for fame and love.
Visions of a well worn life
Are worn like a surgeon’s glove.
My present rests on shaky ground,
My past is a distant land.
My future's waiting to be found,
But it's built on desert sand.
It's built on sand as dry as June;
As dry as the Arab's palm.
The time to come will take me soon,
To the place which is where I am.

I Dream of You So Often by R Burnett

I dream of you so often,
But not enough for me.
The day's harsh limelight softens,
The night time sets me free.
I dream of you so often,
In a night of darkest blue.
In a world with a heart so rotten,
My night thoughts turn to you.

The streetlight glows of amber.
Through the blackness of my room.
My thought begin to clamber,
Above the deepest gloom,
And wakefulness is shown the door,
As sleep binds up my senses.
I'll visit you as I did before.
You've broken my defences.

Childhood Days

Ever since my childhood days
When life was full of pleasure,
I never was like other souls,
In days too long to measure.
To me the hymn sheet held no charm;
In days of chalk and leisure.
To me the solitary way
concealed a box of treasure.
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